Why Have Food Trucks Become So Popular?



Once upon a time, food trucks were known as “roach coaches” that served up greasy and unhealthy food. Although they’ve been around for a while, it wasn’t until 2008 when the food truck industry changed into something delicious and sought-out for meals and snacks in our cities, specially at lunch time.

California, as usual, gets all the credit for making food trucks the next big thing. It’s where the ingenious Korean barbecue tacos were born, mixing two cuisines into a high-end yet affordable new taste. Along with the explosion of social media platforms and smartphones, chefs who had invested in these mobile restaurants started seeing great success despite the economic downturn. And customers rapidly began to clamor for more because food truck offerings gave them an upscale taste and an inexpensive price.

Even as the economy improved, food trucks are still enjoying the ride. And it’s easy to see why. For one, there are hundreds of choices featuring grilled cheeses, made-to-order sandwiches, donuts, tacos, and a lot more.

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But most important, patrons happily wait in line, making friends with each other as they wait for their orders. For example, the city of West Palm Beach did a study project in November 2017 called Flagler Shore where on select Wednesdays food trucks would line up along the waterfront during lunch hour. This would allow people working in the area and residents to break for a quick lunch while relaxing at the extra sitting available along public areas.

The demand for food trucks is still high, and it doesn’t seem like it will decline any time soon. IKnowJAX created a short video of fun things to do in Jacksonville, including the best restaurants to visit as well as great craft breweries, festivals and events that happen in The River City, also highlighting the Jax food truck scene. Watch…

As you see, these trucks feature unique dishes that are sometimes hard to find at regular restaurants but that are popular among people in Florida. Items of the Venezuelan cuisine for example, are mostly found in touring food trucks.

Food trucks also give diners the chance to interact with the chefs who regularly operate the trucks. It’s easy to give feedback about a favorite item any suggestions for things you’d love to see on the menu.

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Millennials and food trucks go together, but food trucks are at all-time popular when it comes to fast, delicious meals at very reasonable prices.

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