Our editorials present the newspaper’s opinion on certain issues. They provide analysis of the news for a more deeply understanding of current events. On this regard, today’s editorial reflects on Mr. Trump’s moral inability to be America’s president.

Beyond Mr. Trump’s lack of moral leadership, misogynism, and conflict of business interests is a presidency at odds with black America. He has denied being racist, labeling himself the “least racist person there is” during his 2016 campaign. But as president, he has denigrated practically the entire African diaspora, and left many Americans convinced that the leader of their country is a racist.

Not only has he lately used allegoric racist words and comments towards black and brown people, he has stood by them. His recent racist tweet calling a majority black area a “disgusting rat and rodent infested mess,” besides being stupid, was meant to steer his audience on a different path, not to listen to a black Congressman sitting as the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Of course, it was.

Chairman Elijah E. Cummings’s Baltimore-area district is 53% African American, but also includes predominantly white outlying suburbs where Mr. Trump voters live.

Racism is not only prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race, but also playing on the stereotypes of people. It should be exhausting for black people to hear time and time again racist rants from the president of their country. If Mr. Trump can’t see that, he doesn’t deserve to continue being president of the United States of America.


In the wake of a series of racist tweets by Mr. Trump, railing against progressive congresswomen, telling the American citizens to go back to their countries, ESPN’s Dan LeBatard called out his employer and lamented ESPN’s new politics policy: if there isn’t a sports connection, don’t talk politics.

Well done. Silence is a bad remedy when someone is using his office powers to wreck havoc the core of our democratic fiber.

But where are the GOP leaders disgusted by Mr. Trump’s racism? Behind closed doors? They aren’t showing the dignity that befits the office they hold. They need to remember that throughout the history of this country, diversity has made the values that hold us together as Americans.

There’s really nothing that can excuse any of the stuff the president says or does. But it is becoming a pattern of despicable racism propped by supporters giving him authority and means to do it with their inaction, compliance, and silence.

Mr. Trump’s attack on Elijia Cummings did not hit a new level. It is simply a rage escalation of a person who doesn’t deserve to continue being the leader of America and needs check and balance. The recent democratic ‘check and balance’ method used by Puerto Ricans to oust a corrupt, inept, and inmoral leader should be a wake-up call for Mr. Trump’s unhinged racism and hate.