The Voice: Allegra Miles Wins Battle Round on Team Nick


West Palm Beach resident, Allegra Miles went head-to-head with Michael Williams on The Voice’s Battle Rounds. Singing a duet of “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston, Allegra beat Michael and Nick named Allegra the winner of the battle. 

However, moments later, Michael was saved by Nick and will now compete in the new Four-Way Knockout against the other coaches’ saved artists.

At the top of the final episode of Knockouts, voting will open for America to choose which of the four artists moves forward in the competition after their performances. In the first Live Show, Carson will reveal which of the four artists was voted through by America, and that artist will continue to the Live Shows with their original team.

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Watch Allegra Miles vs. Michael Williams:

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Allegra Miles lives in West Palm Beach and she secured a spot on Team Nick by singing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon on March 2. 

Hailing from the Virgin Islands but living in West Palm Beach, she made her debut in the blind auditions of NBC’s season 18 of The Voice. She sings with soul and vocal control well beyond her years and wants her music to connect people and spread more love.

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The Voice: Allegra Miles Wins Battle Round on Team Nick

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