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The Perverse System Impacting Thousands of Children

A poignant art inspired by stories of family separation at the border that are causing public outcry and extraordinary backlash to the Trump administration—even from their own party

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Images of crying mothers and children at the border last year prompted an intense backlash across party lines to the point that the Trump administration had to officially rescind its policy of separating migrant families who have illegally crossed the border. These images are also a depiction of a perverse system using kids as bargaining chips in a political process, an ugly and inhumane practice affronting the decency of the American people.

Judy Polstra, a multidisciplinary artist based in Florida whose artwork on embroiders of vintage garments and fabrics focus on women’s issues, has an art installation currently at The Box Gallery, West Palm Beach, that visually leaves a strong message on the spectator regarding this policy.

This piece —which according to the artists is inspired by news stories about the Department of Children, Families and Child Protective Services— depicts the system that leaves behind a trail of stories of children separated from their parents, lost in bureaucracy.

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Family separations at the border is impacting thousands of children.

According to an account in the AI Justice’s report “Building the Wall: A New War on Immigrants,” upon arrival at the border, Pedro, an 8-year-old indigenous Guatemalan child, witnessed several immigration officers throwing his father to the ground and assaulting him. When Pedro screamed at the officers to stop, he was ripped away from his father without explanation.

Such stories have caused public outcry and extraordinary backlash to the Trump administration—even from their own party.

And this piece is here to tell you that “The System” creating them is still here.

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