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The Hot Corner

Many Teams Want to Scrap Video Review for Pass Interference

The NFL’s video review system for pass interference calls could be scrapped after one season.

Shanahan Must Answer for Another Super Bowl Collapse

The 49ers became the third team in Super Bowl history to give up a 10-point lead in the second half.

Black Coaching Hires still at Dismal Level in NFL

Blacks have been hired for only two of the 19 open head coaching spots over the last three years.

Inconsistent Seams, Player Behavior Behind HR Uptick

A four-person committee of scientists concluded baseballs this year had less drag on average.

Pressure to Move Tokyo Olympics Open-water Venue

The venue also has water quality issues including E. coli bacteria and problems with water transparency.

Further Disarray for Dolphins with Latest Roster Moves

The Miami Dolphins’ roster is becoming as thin as their playoff chances.

Analysis: Waiters’ Future in Miami is Very Unclear

Dion Waiters leads the Miami Heat in suspensions and headlines this season.

Fans Get Played as Boxing Takes Back Seat to UFC

The bow-down to UFC was not only an affront to paying fans but an embarrassment to the sport itself.

Houston Astros Could Make Better Bullpen Decision in Game 7

Manager AJ Hinch had options in a 6-2 defeat that cost them the chance at a second title in two years.

A Century after Black Sox, Baseball Cheating Goes High-tech

There are still concerns about gambling affecting the integrity of the sport.

MLB Needs to Put Shoeless Joe Back in the Game

To this day, it remains baseball’s greatest stain (sorry, Steroids Era).

MLB Average Attendance Down 1.7%, Hurt by Losing Teams

The total attendance of 68.5 million was down more than 5 million from 2015.

When Tom Brady Talks, the NFL Listens — and Acts

Yellow flags were bringing another black eye to the NFL at the same of time of the Antonio Brown saga.

USA Basketball’s World Cup Plan Went Awry Long Ago

It began, after about everyone who was originally asked to play turned down the opportunity.

A Stark Reminder of What’s Really Important in Life

A minor league pitcher in the Tampa Bay Rays, Bivens is dealing with unimaginable loss.

Fashion Reviews Dim for MLB Weekend Uniforms

What was the common view across the majors and social media on Players’ Weekend?

Down and out Down Under, US Seem Vulnerable for World Cup

The U.S. men’s basketball team had never lost to Australia. It had gone 13 years without losing a game.

Popovich Faces Tough Numbers Game for World Cup

There have been more than 50 NBA players linked to this World Cup team in the last year or so.

Pedro Martinez still Baseball’s Daddy Years after Retirement

Martinez chuckles as he said Yankees fans still yell at him on the street, “Who’s your daddy?”

A US Open, and a Summer of Stress for Gary Woodland

Gary Woodland made sure plans were in place for him to leave tournaments before he even arrived.

Interference or not, NFL Refs Preparing for Replay Reviews

What changes now that pass interference can be challenged by coaches and reviewed by officials?

All-Star Home Run Derby Offers $1 Million Prize

One thing is certain: This year’s contestants are taking it very seriously.

Anthony Davis Trade a Win-win for Both Sides

The Lakers, the Pelicans, Rich Paul, LeBron James, they all can take a victory lap.

Analysis: Golden State Won, and Both Teams Lost Game 5

The scoreboard said Golden State 106, Toronto 105. The reality was both teams lost.

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