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Singing the blues, Ellie Goulding turns darkness into light

Ellie Goulding’s fourth album is a perfectly crafted artsy pop record.

Review: Taylor Swift Taps into her Joyful Side with ‘Lover’

The superb new 18-track collection finds Swift looking backward and forward through the lens of love.

Weezer’s ‘Black Album’ Mocks, Shocks and Knocks

There are ways in which Weezer’s “Black Album” matches the “Teal Album.”

Lake Park’s The Brewhouse Gallery, Art and Performance on Tap

The Brewhouse Gallery is where “brew” really means cooking up art, music, poetry and more.

Trump Spoof Book: “Whose Boat Is This Boat”?

For Stephen Colbert the best-selling spoof “Whose Boat Is This Boat?” essentially wrote itself.

Review: Vivid ‘Florida’ Stories are Edgy, Potent

“Florida,” a collection of short fiction by Lauren Groff, brings together 11 stories that for the most part have been published in recent years with favorable critical notice.

Shawn Mendes Fragile and Soulful on Self-titled CD

Mendes’ self-titled third album follows the successes of “Handwritten” and “Illuminate,” which both topped the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Childish Gambino’s “This is America” Video Tackles Racism and Gun Violence

Watch “This is America” by Childish Gambino where he depicts a barrage of symbolism and chaos along the video.

EJI’s Lynching Memorial in Alabama Evokes Terror of Victims

The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration opened on the site of a former slave pen in Montgomery, seeks to explore slavery’s legacy.

Review: Kendrick Lamar-led ‘Black Panther’ Album Has Power

The Kendrick Lamar-curated “Black Panther” album - “Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By,” Various Artists - at times feels like a stand-alone set.
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Latest News

‘It’s an honor’: The Hall of Fame’s class of 2020 enshrined

Kobe Bryant is in the Hall now, along with contemporaries Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.
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Passing on your password? Streaming services are past it

Password sharing is estimated to cost streaming services several billion dollars a year in lost revenue.

Disney World and Universal Studios loosen pandemic mask requirements

Florida’s major theme parks are adjusting their face mask policies.

Bleak futures fuel widespread protests by young Colombians

They have taken the brunt of the tear gas and gunshots from security forces, and dozens have paid for it with their lives.

‘There was no going back’: Migrants send kids into US alone

Growing numbers of migrant families are making the heart-wrenching decision to separate from their children.
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