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Political News

Racial Politics Haunt GOP in the Trump Era

For Republicans who hoped the president might use the moment to send a new message about racism and their party, Trump failed the test.

Donald Trump’s Escalating Feud with Mitch McConnell Undercuts his Stalled Agenda

Donald Trump's escalating feud with his top Senate partner undercuts the president's stalled agenda on tax overhaul and budget.

In the Hands of Two Dangerous People

Analyze the latest North Korea crisis development and realize that Trump and Kim Jong-un are a toxic combination that could have dangerous consequences for the world.

Trump Lashed out at Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Calls him Phony Vietnam Con Artist

In a series of tweets from his vacation in New Jersey, Trump dismissed the "hoax Russian collusion" and revived a 2010 embarrassment for Blumenthal.

Shifting the Health Law Role: Undertaker or Caretaker?

As no repeal of the Affordable Care Act will happen soon, surprisingly the least expected supporter of Obamacare will become the caregiver.

Lawsuit: Fox News Channel Coordinated with White House on False Story

The investigator alleges that Fox quoted him as saying things he never said and was willing to show President Donald Trump its story before it was posted online.

Sen. Jeff Flake Takes GOP to Task Over President Trump

Flake took his own party to task as well as Democrats, blaming both in a new book for the political gridlock that led to Trump's presidency and its current chaos.

Political Defiance Led Arizona Popular Sheriff to Downfall

Political defiance that made Joe Arpaio popular and seemingly untouchable as metro Phoenix's sheriff of 24 years ultimately led to his downfall

Republicans Embrace Tax Hike Targeting Democratic States

Proposals by House Republican leaders and President Donald Trump would repeal the tax break as part of their packages to overhaul the American tax code.

AP-NORC Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Don’t Want Repeal of Obamacare

Only 13 percent supporting Republican moves to repeal "Obamacare" absent a replacement, according to a new poll.
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Latest News

‘It’s an honor’: The Hall of Fame’s class of 2020 enshrined

Kobe Bryant is in the Hall now, along with contemporaries Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.
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Passing on your password? Streaming services are past it

Password sharing is estimated to cost streaming services several billion dollars a year in lost revenue.

Disney World and Universal Studios loosen pandemic mask requirements

Florida’s major theme parks are adjusting their face mask policies.

Bleak futures fuel widespread protests by young Colombians

They have taken the brunt of the tear gas and gunshots from security forces, and dozens have paid for it with their lives.

‘There was no going back’: Migrants send kids into US alone

Growing numbers of migrant families are making the heart-wrenching decision to separate from their children.
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