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Trump Impeachment Vote Underscores a Harshly Partisan Era

Democrats expect support from all but a few — two to perhaps five. Republican leaders envision no GOP desertions.

Analysis: Lots of Impeachment Evidence but One Thing Missing

Trump’s wall of support among GOP lawmakers seems formidable.

Why Are Young Consumers Renting Over Owning?

American consumers — especially millennials — are increasingly renting goods and services.

Mr Never Wrong: Storm Spat Underscores Trump’s Mindset

President Donald Trump doesn’t make mistakes. At least according to him. Trump’s relentless justifications of his erroneous warnings that Hurricane Dorian was threatening Alabama, which created days of ridicule and skepticism, are just the latest example of the president’s lifelong...

Analysis: Trump’s Conservative Critics are Speaking a Code

They are speaking oh so softly, in a kind of code, to a country that may only hear shouting.

Worried About a Recession? Protect Yourself but Don’t Panic

When it comes to your personal finances, remember now is a time to prepare, not panic.

Trump’s Venezuela Embargo Won’t End the Maduro Regime

All Venezuelan government assets in the United States are also now frozen. Will that end Maduro’s regime?

5 Key Takeaways from Robert Mueller’s Congressional Testimony

Robert Mueller refused to play the part. Not for Republicans and not for Democrats.

US Economy Likely Entered its Longest Expansion, Who Benefits?

Americans are now experiencing the longest economic expansion in the nation’s history.

Stories of Stonewall: How the LGBTQ Rebellion Left a Legacy

The start of a rebellion that helped propel and transform the modern LGBTQ rights movement.
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Rays move into 1st in AL East with 9-5 victory over Red Sox

Tampa Bay bullpen worked out of a pair of bases-loaded jams
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Mattingly misses game, Rizzo HR again for Yanks

Bench coach James Rowson managed the Marlins in Mattingly’s absence.

Florida breaks record with more than 21,000 new COVID cases

The state has become the new national epicenter for the virus

Florida has distributed only 2% of funds to help renters

The state of Florida has distributed only 2% of the $870 million in federal funds it has received.

Judge agrees to destruction of Kraft massage parlor video

Prosecutors dropped misdemeanor solicitation charges last year against Kraft.
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