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Trump defied gravity; now falls back to earth, future TBD

In the end, his rallies and sheer force of will couldn't overcome the reality of his unpopularity.

Damage from whopper hurricanes rising for many reasons

The list of recent whoppers like Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, Michael, and Dorian, keeps growing.

Virus exposes US inequality. Will it spur lasting remedies?

The coronavirus outbreak has laid bare the human cost of inequality, making it more visible.

Trump’s Fate Tied to an Unknown: How Fast Economy Recovers

The economy and politics have collided in a such a profound way that no one knows how the election will play out in November.

Just Get Through Today: Sheltering in Place Amid a Pandemic

My mind races. Two more weeks?? I try to shut it down. Just get through today.

Florida Could be Knockout Punch for Sanders’ 2020 Campaign

Florida has never been known as a place of stability, especially in its politics.

Trump’s Big Bet on Career and Technical Education

Trump's proposal has a lot of potential to open up new job opportunities.

Are Child Crusaders, Heroes Fair Game for Adult Critics?

Children and teens have at their disposal mobile megaphones to reach the entire world.

Trump Impeachment Vote Underscores a Harshly Partisan Era

Democrats expect support from all but a few — two to perhaps five. Republican leaders envision no GOP desertions.

Analysis: Lots of Impeachment Evidence but One Thing Missing

Trump’s wall of support among GOP lawmakers seems formidable.
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Latest News

GSA tells Biden transition can formally begin

Pressure was increasing on President Donald Trump’s administration to authorize a formal transition.
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The government to start distributing experimental virus drug

The U.S. government on Tuesday will start distributing 30,000 doses of an experimental antibody drug to fight COVID-19, the one President Donald Trump received...

Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa postponed due to pandemic

The popular waterfront festival has been postponed amid a surge in confirmed coronavirus cases.

Get in the holiday mood with Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton

Here’s a collection of 2020 holiday albums reviewed by The Associated Press.

On Football: About those rising NFL teams, never mind.

Mediocrity is mediocrity. You can’t hide it, especially in the NFC East, where being mediocre is a compliment.