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NBA announces the Phoenix Suns will host the 2027 All-Star game

This will be the fourth time Phoenix has hosted the All-Star game and first since 2009. The Suns also hosted in 1975 and 1995.

LeBron James’ 40,000-point club won’t see anyone joining for a long time. Maybe never. Here’s why

Never say never. There’s a slim chance that one day someone will join LeBron James in the NBA’s 40,000-point club.

LeBron James still committed to Paris Olympics, but health remains the big key

He is 39, having played more minutes than anyone in NBA history.

Points records fall at the All-Star Game, with the East beating the West 211-186

The NBA wanted more competition. It got more points instead — more than ever before.

As NBA season ends, the draft looms, and that means Wembanyama’s arrival is near

Victor Wembanyama is finally coming, and that’s where his journey will begin. The officially listed at 7-foot-3, once-in-a-generation talent who will enter the league with fanfare the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the arrival of LeBron James in 2003.

20 and up: LeBron James defies time, propels Lakers to conference finals

The top scorer in NBA history is defying all conventional wisdom.

NBA on All-Star break, but no easy answers to rest problem

Such is the conundrum with the NBA’s ongoing battle with load management.

Analysis: Trying to play good NBA defense ‘wild, hot mess’

Contrary to all those high-scoring games, players still are playing defense in the NBA.

LeBron in Vegas? He makes an expansion pitch to Adam Silver

James has sent another crystal-clear message to Commissioner Adam Silver, reminding him of his plans.


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That coffee you slurped this morning? It’s 600,000 years...

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Nature wraps bananas and oranges in peels. But in...

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Taylor Swift has released her 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets...