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NBA takes steps to try to ensure its star players appear in more games

The NBA took steps to try to ensure that its star players appear in more games.

People with no chance at playing in the NBA can still enter the NBA draft

If you want to be in the NBA draft, basketball skills aren’t required.

With Wembanyama a player like few others, there’s no debate

When a player like Wembanyama comes along — and maybe none ever has — there’s no real reason to drum up any drama.

As NBA season ends, the draft looms, and that means Wembanyama’s arrival is near

Victor Wembanyama is finally coming, and that’s where his journey will begin. The officially listed at 7-foot-3, once-in-a-generation talent who will enter the league with fanfare the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the arrival of LeBron James in 2003.

20 and up: LeBron James defies time, propels Lakers to conference finals

The top scorer in NBA history is defying all conventional wisdom.

NBA on All-Star break, but no easy answers to rest problem

Such is the conundrum with the NBA’s ongoing battle with load management.

Analysis: Trying to play good NBA defense ‘wild, hot mess’

Contrary to all those high-scoring games, players still are playing defense in the NBA.

LeBron in Vegas? He makes an expansion pitch to Adam Silver

James has sent another crystal-clear message to Commissioner Adam Silver, reminding him of his plans.

NBA camps open; some go abroad, Spurs plan a trip to Uvalde

The NBA announced the formation of the “Sport for Healing Fund.”


Blocked field goal, interception, lateral — and Patriots’ offense fails to capitalize on any of it

The Patriots’ offense provided few highlights in a 24-17 loss to Miami.

Uncertain and afraid: Florida’s immigrants grapple with a disrupted reality under new law

For many in Florida’s vast immigrant community, daily life in recent months has become one governed entirely by fear.

Mayfield shines again, Buccaneers stay unbeaten with 27-17 victory over struggling Bears

Mayfield completed 26 of 34 passes, looking quite comfortable in another new home.

Florida upsets No. 11 Tennessee 29-16 for the Gators’ 10th straight victory at home in the series

Trevor Etienne ran for a career-high 172 yards and a touchdown, Montrell Johnson scored twice.