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NASA launches Mars rover to look for signs of ancient life

NASA’s Perseverance rode a mighty Atlas V rocket into a clear morning sky.

NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken

They were supposed to ride into orbit aboard SpaceX’s sleek, white-and-black, bullet-shaped Dragon capsule.

NASA Launches Satellite to Explore Where Air Meets Space

The satellite is called Icon, short for Ionospheric Connection Explorer.

NASA InSight Spacecraft Lands on Mars after a Six-month Journey

The spacecraft designed to burrow beneath the surface of Mars travelled 300 million-miles.

New Lander Adds to Humans’ Long Fascination with Mars

InSight, the NASA lander, should provide our best look yet at Mars’ deep interior.
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Latest News

Florida adds 276 deaths, a new daily record, to virus toll

The highest previous single-day addition to Florida’s death count was 257, on July 31.
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Police tried to cuff young boy at a school in Key West

Civil rights lawyers sued the police and school district in Key West over their treatment of an 8-year-old boy.

Global coronavirus cases top 20M as Russia approves vaccine

It took six months or so to get to 10 million cases after the virus first appeared.

Lebanese PM steps down in wake of Beirut explosion, protests

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that he is taking “a step back” so he can stand with the people.

Brightline train company drops Virgin as partner

Brightline ended its affiliation with the Virgin Group and will halt its rebranding to Virgin Trains USA.