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Music Review

Camila Cabello finds joy in her roots for new studio album

Cabello released her third solo record: 12 songs in English, Spanish and Spanglish

The Weeknd curates an escapist fantasy in ‘Dawn FM’

Thankfully, The Weeknd’s angelic voice and dark lyricism remain.

Diana Ross gives us a dose of hope on ‘Thank You’

Diana Ross’ first album in 15 years cuts through our present cynicism and slices past the despair.

Review: Ballads predominate on ABBA’s comeback album

ABBA is back with its first album since 1981, “Voyage,” ABBA (Capitol Records).

Cuba’s danzón genre: ’150 years later, it’s still alive.′

It is one of the Cuban genres that has lasted the longest.

An all-you-can-eat Metallica buffet of ‘Black Album’ covers

In the end, this box set is a lot like a musical buffet.

The Band Camino seizes 2021 as the year they break out big

hat sound of a revving motor you hear is the sound of The Band Camino.

The Weeknd bores at halftime, felt like a dreary Monday morning

To the pop star headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, no silver or bronze medals will be handed out.

All Mariah Carey wants is you to enjoy her Christmas special

Helping others get in the holiday spirit is part of the legacy of her iconic holiday tune.

Shawn Mendes returns with a gooey and amorous album

On his 14-track fourth album, Shawn Mendes is airy, grand, intense and rapturous.

Get in the holiday mood with Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton

Here’s a collection of 2020 holiday albums reviewed by The Associated Press.

Music Review: Taylor Swift’s new album is strikingly heroic

In a time of madness, her new album “Folklore” feels like a moment to escape.

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