All in: Mass Shootings

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Shooting kills 2 and injures 18 victims in Tampa during Halloween festivities

A fight between two groups turned deadly in Florida...

When a man began shooting in Maine, some froze while others ran. Now they’re left with questions

One bowler had just removed his shoes when he thought he heard a balloon popping some 15 feet (4.5 meters) behind him. He turned toward the door, saw a man holding a gun, and took off running down one of the lanes.

DeSantis cancels SC campaign travel, returns to Florida facing tropical storm and shooting aftermath

DeSantis appeared at a vigil outside the Jacksonville store where the shootings occurred.

Gunman opens fire at random on Philadelphia streets, killing 5 before he is arrested

A heavily armed gunman in a bulletproof vest opened fire on the streets of Philadelphia.

‘Like every other day’: 10 lives lost on a trip to the store

10 voices were silenced, their stories left for others to recite.

Buffalo shooter targeted Black neighborhood, officials say

The attack prompted grief and anger in the predominantly Black neighborhood.

Authorities: Student kills 3, wounds 8 at Michigan school

The attack happened at Oxford High School in Oxford Township.

8 dead, numerous injured at Astroworld Festival in Houston

Officials declared a “mass casualty incident” just after 9 p.m. Friday.

Polk County gunman killed 4, including mom still holding baby

The shooter is 33-year-old Bryan Riley, a former Marine who served in Iraq Afghanistan was arrested.


What to know about a bus crash that killed 8 Mexican farmworkers in Florida

A bus carrying farmworkers to a watermelon field in central Florida...

NFL’s late Sunday afternoon doubleheader window continues to get the most scrutiny and viewers

When the NFL schedule gets released, fans and commentators obsess over...

Changes from Visa mean Americans will carry fewer physical credit, debit cards in their wallets

Your wallet may soon be getting thinner. Visa on Wednesday...