All in: Hurricane Michael

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A Year After Michael, Florida Community Still in Crisis

Thousands are homeless, medical care and housing are at a premium, violence has become a problem.

Wildfire in the Panhandle Fueled by Hurricane Michael Debris

Nearly two dozen Florida homes have been evacuated because of a 500-acre wildfire.

Post-Michael Florida: Fear, Frustration and Life on the Edge

No power, no air conditioning, no schools, no information and little real improvement in sight.

4 Days After Storm, Large Swath of Panhandle Suffering

The death toll from Michael’s destructive march from Florida to Virginia stood at 17

UPDATE: Searchers Find Bodies in Hurricane-stricken Town

Homes are full of mud and everywhere you look there’s utter devastation in the Florida panhandle.

‘Changed Forever’: Florida Panhandle Devastated by Michael

Michael, the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental U.S. in over 50 years, devastated the Florida Panhandle.

‘Catching Some Hell’: Hurricane Michael Slams into Florida

Hurricane Michael rapidly picked up steam in the Gulf of Mexico and closed in with winds of 110 mph.


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