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Gun control

In 2 Years, Florida ‘Red Flag’ Law Removes Hundreds of Gun

The law, supported by legislators of both parties, has been applied more than 3,500 times.

Parkland Dad Apologizes for State of the Union Outburst

Fred Guttenberg had shouted to President Trump on Tuesday night about his slain daughter Jaime.

Pensacola Naval Base Gunman Got Around a Ban on Foreigners Buying Guns

Loophole may explain how a Saudi flight student who shot three in Pensacola was able to purchase a weapon.

Florida Lawmakers Open Latest Debate over Mass Killings

Florida’s state Senate leader said he wanted to get to the root of the problem.

Walmart’s Gun Restrictions Will Have Outsized Influence on the Gun Debate

The announcement follows similar steps by other retailers responding to public pressure to restrict gun.

President Trump Backs Away on Gun Background Checks

Trump says the U.S. already has “very, very strong background checks” for gun purchases.

Florida Senate Passes Bill Expanding Armed Teachers Program

The bill seeks changes to a law enacted last year after the rampage at Parkland high school.

Yes, Parkland Attack Fueled Big Shift in America’s Gun Politics

It sparked a movement among a younger generation angered by gun violence and inspired hashtags such as #NeverAgain and #Enough.

MSD High School Commission Recommends Arming Teachers

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission voted 13-1 to recommend the Legislature.

Rare Drop in NRA Election Spending as Gun-limit Groups Rise

A sign of the shifting dynamics of the gun debate as the GOP fights to maintain its grip on Congress.
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Latest News

Pastor Arrested for Violating Florida Rules amid Virus Outbreak

The pastor of a megachurch held two Sunday services with hundreds of people.
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Trump Extends Virus Guidelines, Braces US for Big Death Toll

A stark shift in tone by the president, who only days ago mused about the country reopening in a few weeks.

Trump: No Quarantine, but Travel Advisory for NY, CT and NJ

The CDC urges residents of the three states to refrain from non-essential travel for the next 14 days.

COVID-19 Turns Bustling Art Deco District into Desserted Streets

Mango's Tropical Cafe is one of the restaurants that closed due to the new virus outbreak.

74,000 Floridians Seek Benefits, Critics Demand Reform

More than 74,000 Floridians applied for unemployment benefits last week.