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Florida Democrat Mucarsel-Powell gets clearer path to challenge US Sen. Rick Scott in 2024

Mucarsel-Powell served one term in Congress before losing to Gimenez in 2020..

Both parties want to win South Florida. Here’s one Cuban activist’s view of the political fight

Félix Llerena arrived in Miami in 2017. Llerena is ready to apply for citizenship and vote for the first time.

Uncertain and afraid: Florida’s immigrants grapple with a disrupted reality under new law

For many in Florida’s vast immigrant community, daily life in recent months has become one governed entirely by fear.

GOP lawmakers take aim at LGBTQ+ ‘safe places’ program in small Florida town

Central Florida lawmakers said they were considering “all legislative, legal and executive options available”.

Abortion anecdote from DeSantis at GOP debate is more complex than he made it sound

In 2020, less than 1% of abortions in the U.S. were performed at or after 21 weeks of pregnancy, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How Ron DeSantis used Florida schools to become a culture warrior

Policy and education experts say DeSantis’ agenda on education has influenced what it means to be a viable Republican candidate.

DeSantis’ retaliation against Disney hurts Florida, former governors and lawmakers say

The group says that DeSantis’ actions harm Florida economically because firms are being dissuaded from doing business in Florida.


Benson scores 3 times, No. 5 Florida State beats rival Florida 24-15 for 18th consecutive win

When it was over, Florida State receiver Keon Coleman did a backflip at midfield.

Buyers worldwide go for bigger cars, erasing gains from cleaner tech. EVs would help

Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, now account for more than half of all new car sales across the globe, the group said, and it’s not alone.

One of world’s largest icebergs drifting beyond Antarctic waters after it was grounded for 3 decades

The iceberg is about three times the size of New York City and more than twice the size of Greater London.

Sea turtle nests break records on US beaches, but global warming threatens their survival

In Florida, preliminary state statistics show more than 133,840 loggerhead turtle nests, breaking a record set in 2016.