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Florida Politics

Trump donors among early recipients of coronavirus loans

Many were among the first to be approved for a loan in early April.

1 ad, 3 accents: How Democrats aim to win Latino votes

Biden is hoping to capture Florida and other pivotal states by pushing Latino turnout rates.

Florida Could be Knockout Punch for Sanders’ 2020 Campaign

Florida has never been known as a place of stability, especially in its politics.

Bloomberg Banking on Florida but Must Survive Super Tuesday

If he does well on Super Tuesday, money spent on Florida and other states that follow will seem prescient.

Pence in Florida to Speak at Club for Growth amidst Virus Scare

The Vice President says states will receive help if coronavirus spreads.

Suit Seeks to Remove Sanders from Florida Democratic Ballot

A lawsuit filed in Leon County asserts he is a political interloper and not a bona fide Democrat.

Sanders Comments on Castro Could Pose Hurdles in Florida

Making inroads into Latino communities has been a priority among Democrats and Republicans alike.

Court: Florida Can’t Bar Felons from Vote over Fines, Fees

Court said the financial requirement “punishes those who cannot pay more harshly than those who can.

Bloomberg Opens New Campaign Offices Throughout Florida

The former New York mayor already had offices in St. Pete, Orlando, and the Little Havana area of Miami.

Farmers Worry Florida Bill will Worsen Labor Scarcity Woes

Gov. Ron DeSantis has made the issue a priority, saying it would remove an incentive for people to come illegally.
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Latest News

Tyler Cameron: From Jupiter Homeboy to TV Star

Cameron shoots the breeze with Florida Daily Post Arts & Entertainment editor, Sandra Schulman.
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‘A hot mess’: Americans face testing delays as virus surges

The percentage of tests coming back positive for the virus is on the rise across nearly the entire country.

Schools or bars? Opening classrooms may mean hard choices

A growing chorus of public health experts is urging federal, state and local officials to reconsider.

Ex-Mexico governor arrested in Miami on extradition request

Mexican prosecutors said the government had sought ex-Chihuahua Gov. Cesar Duarte’s extradition.

Feds charge Florida man, sons with selling fake virus cure

The substance marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution was sold nationwide.