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Attorney, family of Black airman fatally shot by Florida deputies want a transparent investigation

The family of a 23-year-old Black U.S. Air Force airman...

Affluent Americans are driving US economy and likely delaying need for Fed rate cuts

Since retiring two years ago, Joan Harris has upped...

Dozens of deaths reveal risks of injecting sedatives into people restrained by police


‘Soaring’ over hills or ‘playing’ with puppies, study finds seniors enjoy virtual reality

The study is part of a larger effort to adapt VR so it can be beneficial to seniors’ health and emotional well-being and help lessen the impact dementia has on some of them.

Red flags, missed clues: How accused US diplomat-turned-Cuban spy avoided scrutiny for decades

Rocha was secretly recorded by an undercover FBI agent praising Fidel Castro as “El Comandante” and bragging about his work for Cuba’s communist government.

Tiger Woods draws opinions from fashion world after unveiling of his Sun Day Red apparel line

Woods introduced his lifestyle brand Sun Day Red on Monday evening the day after the Super Bowl and during the middle of Hollywood’s awards season.

Secret US spying program targeted top Venezuelan officials, flouting international law

While there’s no clear mechanism to hold the United States accountable legally, the revelation threatens to roil already fraught relations with Maduro’s socialist government.

Grave peril of digital conspiracy theories: ‘What happens when no one believes anything anymore?’

Conspiracy theories have a long history in America, but now they can be fanned around the globe in seconds, amplified by social media, further eroding truth with a newfound destructive force.


Celtics win 18th NBA championship with 106-88 Game 5 victory over Dallas Mavericks

Jayson Tatum put his hands behind his head, with...

Bryson DeChambeau wins another U.S. Open with a clutch finish to deny Rory McIlroy

Bryson DeChambeau climbed back into the most famous bunker...

Mavericks and Oilers already have made some history in their comeback quests

For the Dallas Mavericks and the Edmonton Oilers, the...