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Attorney, family of Black airman fatally shot by Florida deputies want a transparent investigation

The family of a 23-year-old Black U.S. Air Force airman...

Affluent Americans are driving US economy and likely delaying need for Fed rate cuts

Since retiring two years ago, Joan Harris has upped...

Dozens of deaths reveal risks of injecting sedatives into people restrained by police


America’s child care crisis is holding back moms without college degrees

After a series of lower-paying jobs, Nicole Slemp finally landed one she loved. She was a secretary for Washington’s child services department, a job...

A healthy US economy’s secret ingredient: Immigrant workers, eager to fill jobs

How has the economy managed to prosper, adding hundreds of thousands of jobs, month after month? Increasingly, the answer appears to be immigrants.

Bernie Sanders wants the US to adopt a 32-hour workweek. Could workers and companies benefit?

The 40-hour workweek has been standard in the U.S. for more than eight decades. Now some members of Congress want to give hourly workers an extra day off.

One Tech Tip: Change these settings on X to limit calls and hide your IP address

The changes have made it so anyone following you on the platform formerly known as Twitter can call and see your Internet Protocol address by default.

Consumers are increasingly pushing back against price increases — and winning

Inflation has changed the way many Americans shop. Now, those changes in consumer habits are helping bring down inflation.


What to know about a bus crash that killed 8 Mexican farmworkers in Florida

A bus carrying farmworkers to a watermelon field in central Florida...

NFL’s late Sunday afternoon doubleheader window continues to get the most scrutiny and viewers

When the NFL schedule gets released, fans and commentators obsess over...

Changes from Visa mean Americans will carry fewer physical credit, debit cards in their wallets

Your wallet may soon be getting thinner. Visa on Wednesday...