Famous People

Chester’s Life Crossed New Divides and Propped ours with Music

Chester Bennington's music soothed the angst of millions. He was one of the biggest talents in the history of music.

Lagerfeld’s Legacy: Youthful Designs, Elaborate Showmanship

The show was the type of presentation that came to define much of Lagerfeld’s six-decade career at the top of fashion.

Julia Roberts Finds Life (and her roles) Get Better with Age

Julia Roberts still wears the role of movie star about as comfortably as anyone ever has.

New Miss America Glad She Didn’t Have to Don Swimsuit to Win

The first woman to win the Miss America crown without having to don a swimsuit.

Burt Reynolds, Star of Film, TV and Tabloids, Dead at 82

Burt Reynolds was known for his acclaimed performances in “Deliverance” and “Boogie Nights.”

Aretha Franklin, John McCain and the 1960s

They moved across decades and changes and navigated a culture that their younger selves.

Wayne Huizenga, the Man Who Built his Fortune from Trash

His business empire included Blockbuster Entertainment, AutoNation, and three professional sports franchises in Florida.

Jessica Williams: “It’s Great Time to Be Actor of Color”

Jessica Williams says it's a great time to be an actress of color, and applauds Netflix for leading the way in promoting diversity.

Derek Jeter No. 2 Retired at Yankee Stadium During Sunday’s #JeterNight

Prior to the second game of the Yankees' Sunday doubleheader against the Astros, Derek Jeter joined 21 Yankees greats by having his number retired.

LeBron James to Open Public School for At-Risk Kids

Lebron is teaming up with Akron public schools to open the "I Promise School" dedicated to aiding at-risk children who might otherwise be left behind.
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Latest News

USA Basketball’s World Cup Plan Went Awry Long Ago

It began, after about everyone who was originally asked to play turned down the opportunity.
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Tropical Storm Humberto to Stay Offshore Florida’s Eastern Coast

The season’s eighth named tropical storm was classified by the National Hurricane Center late Friday night. Hurricane hunters then found that the tropical storm...

Why Are Young Consumers Renting Over Owning?

American consumers — especially millennial ones — are increasingly renting goods and services.

‘Zero Empty Spaces’ Fills Up with Artist Studios

Choose 954 and Art Ft. Lauderdale have an initiative that allows artists to rent spaces at affordable price.

Yes, Stocks Are up Again. No, Recession Worries Aren’t Gone

While the stock market watches the economy, the two don’t always move in lockstep.