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Fact Check

Fact-checking Trump on the American Civil War

Trump stirs debate in remarks on American Civil War. The causes of the war have been long discussed in the country.

Sessions Tags Wrong City for Immigrant Crimes

Since May 2010, San Diego has had an extraordinarily close relationship with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Fact Check: When Trump Takes Credit and Assigns Blame

One of the most consistent features of President Donald Trump's public statements is his drive to take credit and assign blame.

Fact Checks: Trump and Lawmakers on Syria, Jobs, Court

A look at statements on a selection of subjects over the past week by Trump and lawmakers.

Fact Checking GOP’s Selective History on High Court Fight

Partisanship has denied a Supreme Court seat to a number of nominees, most recently former President Barack Obama's choice for the court last year.

False ‘Corruption’ Claim About Hillary Clinton Over American Uranium Rights

Fact checking a False ‘Corruption’ claim about Hillary Clinton over american uranium rights that was spread by Donald Trump on the 2016 campaign trail.

Pruitt on the Paris Accord

The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt made two false claims about the Paris Accord on ABC’s “This Week”.

Fact Check: Trump Twists FBI Chief’s Words on Russia

Fact Checking the tweets President Trump Trump produced a running commentary Monday on FBI James Comey's testimony to Congress.

CBO’s Obamacare Predictions: How Accurate?

Is the Congressional Budget Office really “way, way off … in every aspect” of how it predicted that Obamacare would work, as the White House claims?

Reality Check: Who Released the Guantanamo Re-Offenders?

Trump tweeted 122 prisoners freed by Obama from Guantanamo Bay engaged in terrorist activities after release. But who Released the Guantanamo Re-Offenders?

President Donald Trump Distorts an Immigration Report

Trump took undue credit Tuesday night for massive cost-savings in a fighter jet contract and gave a one-sided account of the costs and benefits to the economy from immigration.

Fact Cheking: Trump and His Overdrawn Apocalypse

Fact checking President Trump's latest statements on terrorism, Obamacare, constructions, environment, and immigration.

FactChecking Trump’s News Conference

Trump press conference fact-check: What the president got wrong and right. Donald Trump's anti-press conference was painfully clear that America made a terrible mistake.

Senator Ted Cruz’s Obamacare Whopper

Cruz, a Texas Republican, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, debated the future of the nation’s health care on February 7

Fact Check: Are Immigration Raids Result of Trump’s Policy?

The government says it's simply enforcing the laws and conducting routine enforcement targeting immigrants in the country illegally with criminal records.

Fact Check: Trump Claims on Travel Ban Misleading, Wrong

What Trump and others said abut the temporary travel ban for Muslims countries and how it compares with the facts.

Fact Check: Trump Addressed Echoed Familiar, Dubious Themes at Inaugural Speech

FACT CHECK: Trump Addressed Echoed Familiar, Dubious Themes at Inaugural Speech. Here's a Look at Some of his Assertions.

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