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Arts News

New ICA Museum Garage Wows with Façade Art

The garage is covered in specially commissioned art, going up outside already while the ground floor retail is still under construction.

Hollywood Mural Project Brings New Life to a Historic Town

The largest walkable mural project in Broward County, is rivaling Miami’s Wynwood for high profile, renowned local, national and international artists.

Art Wynwood Honors Victims of Parkland High School Shooting

The mural was created by street artists Al Diaz, Danny Minnick and Edwin Baker as student survivors hope to become the face of a revived gun control movement.

Tampa Bay History Museum Opens New Gallery About Pirates

Tampa Bay History Museum opens new gallery about pirates, Treasure Seekers: Conquistadors, Pirates & Shipwrecks.”

Paul Stanley of KISS Has Solo Art Exhibits in South Florida’s Wentworth Galleries

After decades of mainstream success, Paul Stanley returned to fine art about a decade ago and has a solo show at Wentworth Galleries in Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale and Boca Town Center, Boca Raton.

4,000-square-foot Mural by Fin DAC at Wynwood Walls

The new mural by Fin DAC, one of Fin DAC’s greatest masterpieces, was announced on Wednesday by Goldman Global Arts Gallery at Wynwood Walls.

Wynwood Walls Goes Big with Humankind

Goldman Properties, formally unveiled 12 new installations with a theme of “humankind”. There is also a new look and new show at the Peter Tunney Experience gallery.

World-Renowned Street Artist Shepard Fairey Paints Mural for Perry J. Cohen Foundation

Students and world famous street artist Shepard Fairey team up for Perry Cohen mural at Jupiter High School to donate a specially designed mural honoring the life of teenager Perry J. Cohen.

Miami Museums Explode into Season

Miami is bursting with new museums, all looking to carve a cultural identity out of the tropical landscape. The Bass and The Institute of Contemporary Art are two of the newest museums ready for the season.

Alexis Diaz Paints Dreamlike Metamorphosis as Highly-Detailed Art for All People to Enjoy

Known for his impeccable attention to detail and unique style of painting, Alexis Diaz uses a hash mark style of scratchy lines similar to vintage illustrations to create meticulous compositions.

Logan Hicks Murals are Urban Landscapes and Secret Love Stories

Brooklyn-based artist, Logan Hicks, has been creating murals in the Wynwood district since 2006. His mural at Wynwood Walls in 2015 marked a new direction for him.

Peter Tunney Experience at Wynwood Walls: The Time Is Always Now

Lots of people a day stream through Peter Tunney gallery where painted surfboards hang from the ceiling and optimistic phrases are colorfully painted over collaged newspaper headlines.

Lady Pink’s Feminist Wild Style at Wynwood, Provocative Street Art

Lady Pink holds her own as the sole woman in graffiti among all the boys making high profile art.

Kenny Scharf Mural and Garden at Wynwood Walls: Cartoon Cosmos Deluxe

The main key to understanding Scharf’s art is outer space and an interest in the cosmos.

David Choe Mural for Wynwood Walls: Nothing Lasts Forever

David Choe Mural for Wynwood Walls is called “Nothing Lasts Forever”, a dead on metaphor on the impermanence of street art but also fame, success, the changing tides of sea and fortune.

Shepard Fairey Mural at Wynwood Walls Honors the Power of Men

Shepard Fairey has left his magic at Miami's Wynwood neighborhood with a prominent wall facing 2nd Avenue in the Wynwood Walls main courtyard which is all about "celebration and inspiration."

Kravis Center’s Judith Mitchell Receives George Abbott Award

Judith Mitchell's work at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts has helped raise the bar of excellence.

Palm Beach Dramaworks Presents Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

The production starts on March 31 and continues through April 30. Learn more about it here and plan a visit.

New: Cuban Born Author Jorge E. Goyanes Publishes Second Book

His second mystery book titled “Miami Moon” combines lots of intrigue and criminal action with a South Florida flair.

Studio E Gallery Celebrates 20 Years in Palm Beach County

Studio E Gallery is celebrating its 20 years as a very special milestone, and for that, they are hosting the “20/20: 20 Years, 20 Artists” exhibit.

Rural Cuban ‘Van Gogh’ Transforms Ramshackle Home into Art Museum

The artist, who is dubbed locally "The Van Gogh of Moron", has managed to transform his ramshackle home in Moron, Central Cuba, into art museum.

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