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Fort Lauderdale Ready to Commemorate 60 Years of FLIBS

Commemorates 60 years of FLIBS at the new Superyacht Village, a must-see exhibition space exclusive marina.

What Did Epstein’s Famous Friends Know and See?

Jeffrey Epstein has hobnobbed with some of the world’s most powerful people during his jet-setting life.

Lawmakers Disagree on Funding State’s Tourism Agency

Visit Florida is currently at the heart of a budget debate at the state capital.

Total Lunar Eclipse Meets Supermoon Sunday Night

Here comes a total lunar eclipse and supermoon, all wrapped into one.

Theresa May in Frantic Final Push to Win Brexit Deal Backing

The Prime Minister made a frantic last push to swing lawmakers’ support behind her.

GOP, Kavanaugh Accuser in Standoff over her Senate Testimony

An attorney for Christine Blasey Ford asked for another day to decide.

Jurors Focus on Statement in Trial of Pulse Shooter’s Wife

Jurors deliberating the fate of the Orlando nightclub shooter’s wife took a closer look at the statement she made to FBI agents in the hours after the attack.

Gov. Rick Scott Mum on if he’ll Sign Gun-Control Bill

The Florida Legislature officially delivered the bill Thursday to Scott, who has 15 days to sign the bill, veto it or let it become law without his signature.

Apropos of the Olympics, Things to Know About Pyeongchang

With the Olympics just a few weeks away, here are some answers to questions about Pyeongchang and the Korean Peninsula.

How Revelers Around the World Ring in 2018, Say Bye to the Old

Here's a look at how people around the world are marking the end of the year and welcoming 2018.
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Officials Want $100M for Reef Restoration in Florida Keys

The funds will help restore seven significant coral reef sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
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Democrats Unveil Impeachment Charges to Remove the 45th President of the U.S.

The specific charges aimed at removing President Trump: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Pensacola Naval Base Gunman Got Around a Ban on Foreigners Buying Guns

Loophole may explain how a Saudi flight student who shot three in Pensacola was able to purchase a weapon.

Cyberattack Downs City Computers in Pensacola

Federal authorities are investigating a cyberattack on the city of Pensacola hours after the shooting.

Watchdog Report: FBI’s Russia Probe Justified, no Bias Found

The report's nuanced conclusions deny a clear-cut vindication for Trump’s supporters or critics.