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Impeachment Hearings Takeaways: Firsthand Witnesses Appear

Republicans leveled early and frequent attacks on Vindman’s credibility.

Russia Provides Mood Music for the Unfolding Political Drama

Russia is the character standing just off-stage with a dominant role in this tale of international intrigue.

Takeaways from Day 2 of House Impeachment Public Hearings

Marie Yovanovitch said she felt threatened by the president as she detailed the story.

As McDonald’s CEO Learned, Workplace Romance Can Be Perilous

There are questions about whether consent is truly possible when there's a power imbalance.

‘Go Big or Go Home’: Key Takeaways from Impeachment Pages

House investigators released the first transcripts from the closed-door impeachment hearings.

After Tax Law, Florida Sees Movers But Not From New York

Whether the tax law got people to move to Florida is still open to debate.

US Deficit Hits Nearly $1 Trillion. When Will it Matter?

The federal deficit for the 2019 budget year surged to $984.4 billion — its highest point in seven years.

Analysis: Trump’s Old Ways Colliding with New Realities

Trump has shown an uncanny ability to wriggle out of jams that might have doomed any of his predecessors.

Key Takeaways from the 2020 Democratic Candidates’ Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden was sure-footed compared with the previous two debates.

False Claims Blur Line Between Mass Shootings, 2020 Politics

It's difficult to combat virulent falsehoods ahead of a 2020 presidential campaign.
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Virus alters Holy Week celebration worldwide, not the spirit

For Pope Francis and for Christians worldwide, this will be an Easter like none other.
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You’ve just lost your job? Here’s what you need to know

For those who have suddenly lost jobs, it’s a frightening time.

Say no to bizarre ideas to get sports going again

In these challenging times, some bizarre ideas have been floated to get things going again.

More than 11,000 the Number of Coronavirus Cases in Florida

The total number of positive coronavirus cases topped 11,000 in Florida as of Saturday morning.

Another Cruise Ship with Virus Victims Docking in Miami

The Coral Princess ship is docking in Miami with 1,020 passengers and 878 crew members.