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What Are the Legal Arguments for and Against Trump’s Order?

The point of the order is to keep would-be foreign terrorists out of the United States. But how many foreign-born have committed terrorist acts in U.S.?

What It Takes to Truly Be ‘One of Us’

Debates over what it means to be a “true” American, Australian, German or other nationality have often highlighted the importance of a person being born in a particular country.

Can Trump Deny Funds to Sanctuary Cities?

Can a president do that? Here is an analysis whether Trump can "defund" so-called sanctuary cities by taking away their federal grants.

Is Trump’s Immigration Order Legal?

Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates said before being fired that it is immoral and possibly unlawful. ACLU gunning to take down entire order.

How realistic is Donald Trump’s Mexico wall?

US-Mexico border is about 1,900 miles (3100 km) long and traverses all sorts of terrain. How realistic is Donald Trump's Mexico wall? What are the costs?

Are Natural Cigarette Smokers Being Misled?

Almost 64 percent of Natural American Spirit users considered their brand to be “safer” than other cigarettes.
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Virus alters Holy Week celebration worldwide, not the spirit

For Pope Francis and for Christians worldwide, this will be an Easter like none other.
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You’ve just lost your job? Here’s what you need to know

For those who have suddenly lost jobs, it’s a frightening time.

Say no to bizarre ideas to get sports going again

In these challenging times, some bizarre ideas have been floated to get things going again.

More than 11,000 the Number of Coronavirus Cases in Florida

The total number of positive coronavirus cases topped 11,000 in Florida as of Saturday morning.

Another Cruise Ship with Virus Victims Docking in Miami

The Coral Princess ship is docking in Miami with 1,020 passengers and 878 crew members.