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Trump’s grand RNC entrance, a VP pick and the new GOP: Takeaways from day 1

Trump-Vance 2024. The Republican presidential ticket came together on Monday...

A few short minutes after Trump took the stage, shots rang out

At 6:02 pm Saturday, to the strains of “God...

Biden says during news conference he’s going to ‘complete the job’ despite calls to bow out

President Joe Biden used his closely watched news conference...

Debate takeaways: Trump confident, even when wrong, Biden halting, even with facts on his side

Thursday’s presidential debate was a re-run that featured two...

Biden warns of a ‘nightmare’ future for the country if Trump should win again, and lists reasons why

Biden said the stakes were huge when he took on Trump in 2020 — “what made America America, I thought, was at risk’ — and they are even larger now as a likely rematch looms.

Biden calls Trump a ‘loser’ as he raises money on ex-president’s home turf in Florida

It was a typical jab from Biden, but it came with extra punch on Trump’s home turf.

‘Traitor’: After bitter primary, DeSantis may struggle to win over Trump supporters if he runs again

Many Trump supporters not only dislike DeSantis, but echo Trump’s assertions that DeSantis betrayed him and say they would never consider him again.

What the first contests tell us about the Trump and Biden coalitions

The race will depend on how each candidate’s coalition develops state by state in an effort to win the needed 270 electoral college votes.

Ron DeSantis ends his struggling presidential bid and endorses Donald Trump

DeSantis nodded toward Trump’s primary dominance — and attacked Haley — in an exit video he posted on social media.


Booming Turkish TV drama industry captures hearts and minds worldwide and boosts tourism

Under the sweltering Turkish sun, tourists wander through sets...

Messi loses fitness battle at Copa America, puts goal of playing 6th World Cup on hold

Lionel Messi cried uncontrollably after he exited from a...

Border arrests plunge 29% in June to the lowest of Biden’s presidency as asylum halt takes hold

Arrests for illegally crossing the border from Mexico plunged...