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Florida Democrats hope abortion and marijuana questions draw young voters despite low enthusiasm

Jordan Vassallo is lukewarm about casting her first presidential ballot for...

Trump and DeSantis meet to make peace and discuss fundraising for the former president’s campaign

Former president Donald Trump met privately with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over the...

Biden blames Trump for Florida’s 6-week abortion ban, says women nationwide face health crisis

President Joe Biden on Tuesday blamed Donald Trump for Florida’s...

Biden and Trump notch more wins Tuesday as primary voters urge them to keep up the fight

As Joe Biden and Donald Trump moved closer to a November rematch, primary voters around the country on Tuesday urged their favored candidate to...

Biden and Trump clinch nominations, setting the stage for a grueling general election rematch

Not even halfway through the presidential primary calendar, Tuesday marked a crystalizing moment for a nation uneasy with its choices in 2024.

Nikki Haley wins the District of Columbia’s Republican primary and gets her first 2024 victory

Nikki Haley has won the Republican primary in the District of Columbia, notching her first victory of the 2024 campaign. Her victory Sunday at least...

Republicans block Senate bill to protect nationwide access to IVF treatments

Democrats have immediately seized on the election-year ruling.

The Supreme Court will decide whether Trump is immune from federal prosecution. Here’s what’s next

The action injects immediate uncertainty into the legal and political calendar over the next several months.