2020 Elections

Key Takeaways from the 2020 Democratic Candidates’ Debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden was sure-footed compared with the previous two debates.

False Claims Blur Line Between Mass Shootings, 2020 Politics

It's difficult to combat virulent falsehoods ahead of a 2020 presidential campaign.

Progressive Candidates Fight Moderates over ‘Medicare for All’

The debate laid bare struggle between revolutionary policies & desire to defeat Trump.

Rivals Target Biden as Democrats’ Rifts Emerge on Race, Age

Democratic divisions over race, age and ideology burst into public view in presidential debate.

New Phase in 2020 Presidential Race Tests Dems’ Aggression

The dynamic changes as Democrats enter the most consequential week of the 2020 campaign season.

Trump, in 2020 Campaign mode, Calls Democrats ‘Radical’

Trump jabbed at the press and poked the political establishment he ran against in 2016.

Biden Launches 2020 Bid Warning ‘Soul’ of America at Stake

Former Vice President Joe Biden formally joined the crowded Democratic presidential contest.

Warren Unveils $640 Billion College Debt Forgiveness Plan

The proposal would eliminate almost all student loan debt for 42 million Americans.

Biden Faces New Scrutiny over Behavior with Women

Flores’ account of the 2014 incident comes at a crucial moment for Biden.

Gillum’s Goal: Register 1 Million Florida Voters for 2020

More than 3 million registered voters in the state have no party affiliation.
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Latest News

Vapes Spiked with Illegal Drugs Show Dark Side of CBD Craze

Some operators are cashing in on the CBD craze by substituting illegal synthetic marijuana for natural CBD.
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Auto Workers Strike Against General Motors in Contract Dispute

More than 49,000 members of the United Auto Workers walked off General Motors factory floors.

Newcomer Brown Scores as Patriots Beat Dolphins 43-0

Coach Bill Belichick had Tom Brady still throwing at the end.

Jaguars’ Gamble after Late TD Leads to 13-12 Loss to Texans

Leonard Fournette’s run for the 2-point conversion failed in the 13-12 loss.

Exploring and Tasting Delicious Downtown West Palm Beach

Discovering delicious Downtown West Palm Beach with a focus on food and culture.