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2020 Elections

Smartmatic USA sues Fox, Giuliani over election fraud claims

Fox aired at least 13 reports falsely stating or implying the company had stolen the 2020 vote.

Trump finally bent to reality after Congress affirmed his defeat

Trump led off a video from the White House by condemning the violence carried out in his name.

Biden win confirmed after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol

Lawmakers completed the Electoral College tally in a display to the country, and the world.

The Electoral College gives Joe Biden a solid 270 majority

Biden topped Trump by more than 7 million in the popular vote nationwide.

Analysis: Short work by high court of Trump’s `big one’

Trump has been clinging to baseless claims of fraud in the hope of reversing election results.

Despite Trump’s venting and threats, Biden’s win is sealed

This truth is self-evident: Joe Biden is on track to become president Jan. 20.

The Supreme Court rejects GOP bid to halt Biden’s Pennsylvania win

The court without comment refused to call into question the certification process in Pennsylvania.

Safe harbor law locks Congress into accepting Biden’s win

Other than Wisconsin, every state has met a deadline in federal law for Congress to accept the electoral votes.

Top officials: Nov. 3 election most secure in US history

The most direct repudiation to date of Trump’s efforts to undermine the integrity of the election.

Grief, anger, disbelief: Trump voters face Biden’s victory

People who voted for Trump are working through turbulent emotions in the wake of his loss.
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Latest News

Rays move into 1st in AL East with 9-5 victory over Red Sox

Tampa Bay bullpen worked out of a pair of bases-loaded jams
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Mattingly misses game, Rizzo HR again for Yanks

Bench coach James Rowson managed the Marlins in Mattingly’s absence.

Florida breaks record with more than 21,000 new COVID cases

The state has become the new national epicenter for the virus

Florida has distributed only 2% of funds to help renters

The state of Florida has distributed only 2% of the $870 million in federal funds it has received.

Judge agrees to destruction of Kraft massage parlor video

Prosecutors dropped misdemeanor solicitation charges last year against Kraft.
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