Wondering Why You’ve Got to Go Brunching on Sundays?



Gone are the days of heading out for a quick breakfast, as are the days of lunching with your pals. But Sunday Brunch is officially bigger than ever these days. But why? What makes this meal-hybrid win out over all else?

Well, for one, brunch is special because it’s only available on Sundays. Most people don’t work on Sundays, so a leisurely meal like brunch is a treat. Most days, we’re rushing off to work, trying not to choke on a bran muffin while we navigate the Florida highways or spill hot coffee on our laps while our children bicker in the backseat. No, no. We’ve earned this meal of chill, thank you.

Unlike breakfast, brunch offers the chance to enjoy simple cocktails like a Bloody Mary or Mimosa. Sure, you could do that with lunch too, but unlike brunch, you can also get breakfast foods. At lunch, that simply doesn’t fly. When you’re meeting friends for brunch, it’s nice that you can choose between more breakfast-like options or lunch-type fare for whatever you feel in the mood for and everyone else in your group can do the same. Because EVERYONE has that one friend who won’t order the best pancakes in the state because she’s on a diet. Let her have that salad and be sad then. You’ve got options and booze and that makes brunch the best.

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Sunday Brunch
Most restaurants in Florida offer a large variety of options for their Sunday Brunch.

Plus, Sunday brunch just feels fancier. Perhaps it’s the mimosas talking, but there’s something about brunch that takes Sunday and turns it into a fun day. That, and Floridians like me are simply in no rush to get out into the world on Sundays. We bide our time and brunch really encourages that laid back, pampered feeling we should be embracing on a Sunday.

And just as restaurant patrons all over Florida are flocking to brunches up and down the coast, restaurants are responding in droves, eager to meet the niche in the market. Sunday brunch is also big business in the food industry and the competition is pretty intense as they seek to gain more clientele for the brunch rush. Some will offer complimentary mimosas with your meal (yes, please!) while others will throw together a sumptuous buffet of the most sought-after brunch bites, like eggs Benedict, omelets and made-to-order Belgian waffles alongside soups, sandwiches and salads.

If you  like new flavors, and experimenting with original and daring combinations, then brunch is for you. If you like partying on Saturday nights, brunch on Sundays is is usually served in quite a wide time window -between 11am and 5pm – in most restaurants. This flexibility, combined with the variety of food on offer, means you easily are in control of your schedule.

But above all, it’s the time that you share with your friends what counts during brunch!


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