Hot Take

US women’s professional volleyball void is filled, and possibly overflowing, with 3 upstart leagues

Volleyball has been the No. 1 sport in girls participation in the United States for almost a decade.

Playoff game behind a Peacock paywall is a new frontier in NFL’s embrace of streaming

Everyone will have to pay for a Peacock subscription — plans start at $5.99 per month — to watch the game.

Backup QBs are on display all around the NFL as injury-depleted teams push toward the postseason

They’re on display all around the NFL right now after a flurry of starters have gone down for the season with injuries and teams have needed help to stay in contention.

Dolphins need to make sure collapse against Titans doesn’t turn into a late-season skid

Tagovailoa doesn’t believe Monday’s 28-27 home loss to the Titans has any correlation to previous years.

Why the NCAA president is proposing some schools should be permitted to pay athletes

Schools paying athletes has been banned by the NCAA for decades, a new proposal is aimed at changing that.

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