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Sports Columns

Title IX creating opportunities for international athletes

The federal law has opened the door for thousands of female athletes from abroad to get an American education.

Analysis: On Stephen Curry, far more than a great shooter

It’s time to finally call him what he is — one of the greatest players ever.

Transformative year: Black coaches now lead 50% of NBA teams

It’s been nearly 60 years since Bill Russell broke the NBA coaching color barrier.

Jokic’s NBA MVP a win for hoops-crazed nations outside US

Maybe it’s the ćevapi, or the souvlaki, or the mbanga soup.

How 81-1 shot Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby

This doesn’t happen. Horses at odds of nearly 81-1 don’t win the Kentucky Derby.

Tiger Woods closes out one chapter, will he write another?

Mind-bending accomplishments landed him at the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Column: One betting rule remains sacrosanct in the NFL

One big no-no that remains sacrosanct: You don’t bet on your own league, not on your own team.

Column: Don’t come back until baseball has been made better

At least now we know who to blame. Here’s a hint: It’s not anyone wearing a uniform.

Mickelson might not have time he needs to recover

The swift and stunning downfalls of Mickelson and Tiger Woods are nothing alike.

Roger Penske continues to polish his legacy

He has spent millions renovating the national landmark speedway.

Another win for NASCAR with drama-free Daytona 500

The race was fine and free of drama, the Next Gen car was as good as advertised.

Column: Donald not about to let go of Super Bowl trophy

Donald held on long enough to force Burrow into a desperation heave.

Analysis: NBA All-Star voting by players, again, was flawed

For the sixth consecutive year, most players didn’t take the process seriously.

Column: Epic playoffs show new wave of quarterback talent

The Brady era has to end sometime and Sunday felt like it was that time.

New year starts with a familiar question about Woods

What next for Tiger Woods? Here are five topics to ponder for the new year.

Urban Meyer learns bullies run out of rope fast in NFL

Urban Meyer’s firing hardly qualifies as a surprise.

Analysis: Why Rodgers got fined and 3 Bucs got suspended

What gives? It’s complicated, but in some ways it’s also pretty simple.

Analysis: Some teams just needed more time to bloom

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are back. Same for Bill Belichick.

Column: Pull the plug on the chop — and Braves name, too

Not now. Not next season. Not a hundred years from now.

Braves vs Astros: A World Series 6 decades in the making

Braves-Astros, a lot to savor in this World Series — even a family faceoff.

MLB to require housing for some minor leaguers in 2022

The league did not specify which players would be covered by the new policy.

Analysis: Andy Reid’s homecoming easier than Tom Brady’s

Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to grind out a 19-17 win over the Patriots.

For the Florida Panthers, the time really might be now

The rebuild is complete. The Panthers say it’s time to win.

Confident, talented Lightning aim for Stanley Cup 3-peat

Scotty Bowman knows a thing or two about winning consecutive Stanley Cups championships.

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