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Trump Signed Tax Cut in Rush Job Oval Office Signing Event

None of the members of Congress who muscled through the biggest tax overhaul in 30 years were in the Oval Office on Friday as Trump signed the measure into law.

Trump, Republicans Celebrates After Congress Wraps up Massive Tax Package

Democrats call the the $1.5 trillion legislation a boon to the rich that leaves middle-class and working Americans behind. The vote was 224-201 along party-lines.

A Sweeping Tax Plan Whose Promises Face Widespread Doubts

The GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act amounts to the most far-reaching rewrite of American tax law since 1986 — without the support of a single Democrat in Congress.

With Rubio Onboard, GOP Leaders Finalize Huge Tax package

Sen. Marco Rubio had been holding out for a bigger child tax credit for low-income families. He got it,

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio’s Defection Threatens GOP’s Slim Majority on Tax Bill

Rubio’s defection complicates Republican leaders’ goal of muscling the $1.5 trillion bill through Congress next week, handing President Trump his first major legislative victory.


Florida refuses to bar unvaccinated students from school suffering a measles outbreak

Florida’s controversial surgeon general is drawing criticism for his...

Florida lawmakers pass ban on social media for kids under 16 despite constitutional concerns

The House passed the bill on a 108-7 vote Thursday just hours after the Senate approved it 23-14.

Former AL batting champion Tim Anderson agrees to 1-year deal with the Miami Marlins

(AP) — Former AL batting champion Tim Anderson has...

Private lander makes first US moon landing in more than 50 years

A private lander on Thursday made the first U.S. touchdown on the moon in more than 50 years.