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Police Recover Rare Goeldi’s Monkey Stolen from Palm Beach zoo

The 12-year-old primate was discovered missing by a keeper during early morning rounds on Monday, Feb 11. Zoo officials also confirm finding signs of forced entry at the habitat where ‘Kali’ lived.

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Kali, the 12-year-old rare Goeldi’s monkey reported stolen from the Palm Beach Zoo, has been found safe and sound.

West Palm Beach police said on Twitter Wednesday morning that “Kali is home!” and that they’ll provide more details soon.

Detectives brought the Goeldi’s monkey back to the zoo just before midnight and that she appears to be in good condition, zoo president and CEO Margo McKnight said in a news release sent Wednesday morning.

The monkey weighs around 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) and requires a specialized diet as well as anti-inflammatory medicine.

A zookeeper discovered the monkey missing early Monday. Surveillance video showed a person walking on the zoo’s perimeter about that same time. Officials said there were signs of forced entry in Kail’s habitat.

Zoo officials are “grateful for the tenacious and passionate detectives and police officers” who searched for Kali, McKnight said.

A $6,000 reward had been offered for Kali’s safe return.

‘Kali’ came to Palm Beach Zoo from Milwaukee on September 3, 2009, on a breeding recommendation. Goeldi’s monkeys, also known as callimicos, are from the Amazon region and known for their close, family ties.

Rare Goeldi’s Monkey Stolen from The Palm Beach Zoo

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