The Moment America Needed a President, Donald Trump Showed his True Colors

It was a hard to witness such an unpresidential statement in a time the deadly spate of violence spurred by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, has taken a toll on just 'one side': America.

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On Saturday, President Trump failed to be president for #Charlottesville and for all Americans. This day will pass in history as perhaps the most disgraceful day of our nation in modern times.

These people, who decided to take advantage of their Freedom of Speech right and turn their ‘protest’ into a violent public disturbance and an organized hatred act towards all non white people, they deserve the strongest weight of justice, the harshest condemnation of our nation’s leaders, and the rebuke of all Americans. If these gamuts failed to pass, we have come to the boiling point of disappointment in this administration and in what America has regressed to become.

Fortunately, we have noticed the buffer of morality that has resiliently stood up against white supremacist protesters in Virginia and on social media; showing the world there’s no place for racism and bigotry in our country.

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But that stance must not become an archive of tweets moving forward. Those responsible to organize hateful protests and whatever stands contrary to Freedom of Speech must be held accountable. Our elected officials -starting by the President- must ultimately go the extra mile to make sure America understands that racism and bigotry are not really what drive their agenda.

On Saturday, a car plowed into a crowd of people peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally in a Virginia college town, killing one person, sending at least 35 others to hospitals and ratcheting up tension in an increasingly violent confrontation. Even two Virginia state troopers were killed when a state police helicopter crashed in Albemarle County as they were responding to the Charlottesville Riot.

Terrorism. There’s no other way to describe this horrific act after having watched the video.

Hate war. There’s no other way to conceptualize the purpose of this white supremacist protest after you watch David Duke and companions say they were there to “take back America because that’s why they voted for President Trump.”

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The president had his chance to make sure we all understood he’s president for all Americans and is against hatred, racism, bigotry, fascism, and all that white supremacists stand for.

Morality has no left or right, has no side. Morality is just one avenue where everything is right and any wrong is not allowed. To say, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides — on many sides,” is to back David Duke’s agenda because there’s no side at all where racism should reside in.

To come out on national television – even knowingly in advance the whole country was waiting for his response as president – and not go off script (or scripted for that matter) and tell David Duke; ‘No, white supremacists did not make me president’, was the ultimate sign that this president does not stand for all Americans, but for a group sitting on the wrong side of history.

Mr President, white supremacists were marching, chanting Nazi hymns, and hurling slurs to blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and whoever was not white. Valiant Americans have fought all over the world and shed their blood precisely against white supremacist values and to keep in high standard the basis of democracy and the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, of which you are the safekeeper.

Mr President, don’t pay attention to apologetic pastors saying God has given you authority to take out Kim Jong-Un. That also is extremism. Don’t pay attention to confused supporters saying God has brought you as the restorer of our great nation. It was great before you were elected president.

But do listen to this pastor’s message:


President Trump failed to be president for #Charlottesville and all Americans during his national statement about the violent acts by white supremacists.

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