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Pie Oh My! Discover the Most Picked Pies!

Key lime and peach pies found large popularity, but there are other pies people like. Discover the most popular pies in Classic All-American Pie Recipes.

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Few things are as American as pie is. Get a room full of people together and while you might not be able to have them agree on which pies are the best, they will all surely agree on one point – pies are one of the best desserts ever. So which pies rank the highest among pie lovers the country over?

Apple Pies
Perhaps most American of all, apple pies are among the most beloved pies of our time. What’s not to love with cinnamon and sugar-sweetened apples lovingly cradled in a flaky pie pastry? There are other variations of these pies that only make it even more sensational, like Dutch apple or apple crumb, both of which feature brown sugar crumble topping. Whichever apple has your heart, all of them can only be more heavenly with a scoop of ice cream.

Pumpkin Pies

Discover the Most Picked Pies
Pumpkin Pie

This holiday staple is only second to apple pie in popularity. It’s thick and creamy, with a spiced pumpkin taste. Adorned with whipped cream, no Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner spread would ever be complete without it.

Chocolate Cream Pies

Not all pies are filled with fruits. Chocolate cream pies are the kingpins of all cream-style pies. Which shouldn’t be at all surprisingly since chocolate is the stuff dreams are made of. In pie form, it’s perfection.

How to Make Chocolate Cream Pies by Allrecipes

Cherry Pies
Now this pie is a winner year-round. It’s wonderful at holiday parties but it’s just as welcome on the dessert table at the summer picnic too. The tart yet sweet bite ofcherries under a lattice crust is a taste that’s hard to beat.

Pecan Pies
While it sounds like it’s a healthier pie option, the pecans in the pie are bound to the crust by the most sinfully sweet syrup and sugar filling. But go on…live a little. Because pecan pies are not something you have every day. And if you do, we’re totally jealous. Most people will claim their mom makes it the best, but that’s all lies. It’s MY mom who makes it the best.

Lemon Meringue
The best of custard-style pies is, hands-down, lemon meringue. It’s tart lemon-custard filling can only be tamed by a short crust pastry and topped with a frothy layer of meringue that rounds out the tang of the lemon with a creamy finish.

Key Lime Pies

Discover the Most Picked Pies
Deliciously creamy Key lime pie

You cannot make a list of pies without finishing it off with some key lime pie. True that most of the country has no idea what they’re missing, here in Florida, we KNOW. That lime bite that shouts out from the rich, creamy filling is a match made in heaven with the buttery graham cracker crust. What kind of slice could you go for right now?


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