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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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COVID-19 Turns Bustling Art Deco District into Desserted Streets

Mango's Tropical Cafe is one of the restaurants that closed due to the new virus outbreak.

Hard Rock Stadium Turned Coronavirus Drive-thru Testing Site

Tents were set up in a parking lot on March 22, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Hibiscus Margarita with Black Sea Salt: a True Game-changer

This cocktail was created by Mixologist Micah Hinde from Barcello restaurant.

Sad Day in America: Kobe Bryant, NBA Legend, Dies at 41

He was an 18-time All-Star, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and the 2008 NBA MVP.

Florida Democratic Party’s Billboard: “Never Forget”

Florida Democratic Party unveiled the billboard in the large Puerto Rican population of Kissimmee.

Protests across US Condemn Action in Iran and Iraq

Protests were carried from Tampa to Philadelphia and San Francisco to New York.

“Nobody is Above the Law” Protests in West Palm Beach

The protests happened in the downtown area of West Palm Beach, December 17, 2019.

The Environmental Fallout of Venezuela’s Collapsing Oil Industry

Nobody lives as closely with the environmental fallout of Venezuela’s collapsing oil industry as the fishermen.

Homelessness Can’t Be Boarded Up Nor Shuttered

Homeowners and businesses rush to cover their windows, homeless people don't have many options.

The Day in Pictures: Best Photographs Each Week

A selection of news & reports in Florida Daily Post, including a variety of sources to resume the day in pictures.

Puerto Ricans in West Palm Beach Demand Gov. Rosello Resign

The crowd gathered together along Flagler Dr with banners, and chanted: "Ricky Resign."

Beautiful Full on the Night of ‘Half Blood’ Lunar Eclipse

It was seen primarily in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, but in Florida, just a full moon.

Lights for Liberty Vigil at Homestead Temporary Shelter

Lights for Liberty vigil calling for an end to the incarceration of children.

The Perverse System Impacting Thousands of Children

The artwork depicts how family separations at the border is impacting thousands of children.

Phase II of Clematis Streetscape Project Underway

Phase II of Clematis Streetscape Project underway in the 100 and 200 block of the iconic street.

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Aftermath

Despite extensive damage, many of the cathedral’s treasures were saved, including Notre Dame’s famous rose windows.

#PBIBS2019: A Mainstay of the Global Yachting Community

A show that epitomises the lifestyle associated with the yachting industry in the Palm Beaches.

Kangaroos in CityPlace Love to Pose for Photos

A visitor from North Carolina was spotted shopping around CityPlace with two roos.

Ribs & Jack Daniel’s: Highlights of Rib Roundup Festival 2019

The annual WIRK Rib Round Up Country Music Festival at Coral Sky Amphitheatre was blazing hot and fun!

Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach 2019

Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on March 2nd & 3rd.

The “Love Wall” by Renda Writer Keeps Inspiring People

Renda Writer's “Love Wall” combines elements of typography, poetry, graffiti, and public art.

Typewriter Eraser, Scale X: a Monumental Art Installation

The monumental art installation at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach is a colossal and provocative sculpture.

West Palm Beach Democrats Annual Celebration and Awards

Rolando Chang Barrero accepts position on the Board of the West Palm Beach Democratic Club.

Beach in the Town of Palm Beach Needs a Clean-up

Lots of seaweed wash up on the shore of Palm Beach and get in the way of the fun that people expect to have.

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