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Florida Finds Itself Again at Center of Election Controversy

But this year there are no hanging chads or butterfly ballots, like in 2000.

Possible Recounts Loom in Tight Florida Gov, Senate Contests

Razor-thin margins in Florida’s bitter races for the U.S. Senate and governor are raising the specter of possible recounts.

VoteCast: Florida Voters Divided on State of Nation

Voters casting midterm election ballots in Florida are divided over the state of the nation.

Trump is the Fault Line of Widening Divide

Race, class and geography separate the parties as much as ideology, with the president as the dividing line.

Democrats Take House Control, GOP Retains Senate

The Democrats picked up the 23 seats they would need to take from the GOP.


Republicans block Senate bill to protect nationwide access to IVF treatments

Democrats have immediately seized on the election-year ruling.

The Supreme Court will decide whether Trump is immune from federal prosecution. Here’s what’s next

The action injects immediate uncertainty into the legal and political calendar over the next several months.

Florida lawmaker pulls bill on wrongful death of unborn children after Alabama IVF ruling

A House version of the bill is ready for a vote by the full chamber but currently isn’t scheduled for a reading.

MLB wants to make starting pitching more prominent, but it’s a tough task in today’s game

MLB wants to put that allure back in the game, but it’s a tricky, multifaceted issue.