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Gillum, Florida’s 1st Black Nominee for Gov, Challenged GOP Dominance

Andrew Gillum energized Florida’s young and minority voters through a Democratic coalition.

Bitter US Senate Race Headed to a Hand Recount

Florida’s acrimonious U.S. Senate contest is headed to a legally required hand recount.

Florida Election Recount Underway, Tensions Rise

More than half of Florida’s 67 counties recounting votes for Senate and gubernatorial races.

Florida Finds Itself Again at Center of Election Controversy

But this year there are no hanging chads or butterfly ballots, like in 2000.

Possible Recounts Loom in Tight Florida Gov, Senate Contests

Razor-thin margins in Florida’s bitter races for the U.S. Senate and governor are raising the specter of possible recounts.


Solid US hiring lowers unemployment rate in latest sign of a still-sturdy job market

Last month’s job gain was inflated by the return of about 40,000 formerly striking auto workers and actors, who were not at work in October but were back on the job in November.

Trump’s vow to only be a dictator on ‘day one’ follows growing worry over his authoritarian rhetoric

Trump has a long history of making inflammatory proclamations that spark outrage from detractors and generate a stream of headlines.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is more common than some past studies suggest

Doctors have not been able to pin down a cause, although research suggests it is a body’s prolonged overreaction to an infection or other jolt to the immune system.

Why the NCAA president is proposing some schools should be permitted to pay athletes

Schools paying athletes has been banned by the NCAA for decades, a new proposal is aimed at changing that.