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Mr Never Wrong: Storm Spat Underscores Trump’s Mindset

President Donald Trump doesn’t make mistakes. At least according to him. Trump’s relentless justifications of his erroneous warnings that Hurricane Dorian was threatening Alabama, which...

Trump Portrays G-7 as a Lovefest, Papering Over Differences

Trump went to great lengths to portray it as something of a lovefest. It is not.

Worried About a Recession? Protect Yourself but Don’t Panic

When it comes to your personal finances, remember now is a time to prepare, not panic.

Trump’s Venezuela Embargo Won’t End the Maduro Regime

All Venezuelan government assets in the United States are also now frozen. Will that end Maduro’s regime?

Trump’s Tariffs Could Blot out Positive Economic Story

Just last week, solid economic numbers appeared to be helping President Donald Trump’s reelection prospects. The United States had achieved its longest economic expansion. Stock...

Mr. Donald Trump: a Toxic President for America

Trump's moral inability to be America's president has again surfaced in a tweet to Elijah E. Cummings.

5 Key Takeaways from Robert Mueller’s Congressional Testimony

Robert Mueller refused to play the part. Not for Republicans and not for Democrats.

What Did Epstein’s Famous Friends Know and See?

Jeffrey Epstein has hobnobbed with some of the world’s most powerful people during his jet-setting life.

Yes or No: Who’s in Charge? Power Struggles Roil Washington

The newly empowered Democrats are slowly — sometimes messily — resetting the balance.

In Venezuela, History Seems to Repeat: the Strategy is Failing

Moving forward, the Trump administration needs to rethink its Venezuela strategy.

Impeach or Investigate? Democrats See no Reason to Choose

House Democrats have been careful not to rush to impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

In an Uncertain Era, Expressing Certainty is a Potent Weapon

The practice of protagonists claiming definitive outcomes is as American as Hollywood endings.

The Lunch that Never Was: Trump’s North Korea Summit Faltered

The summit that had started amicably enough had collapsed, a dramatic reversal of friendly greetings.

New Solutions for the Old Problem of Illegal Massage Parlors

The Florida prostitution sting is a reminder of the human trafficking and abuse taking place in our country.

Trump Touts Prosperity, But is That What North Korea Wants?

Here’s a nagging question: does Kim Jong Un want the prosperity Trump touts?

Sanders May Not Need 2016 Magic to Be 2020 Force

Can Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders recapture the magic that fueled his first presidential campaign?

Telemedicine’s Challenge: Getting Patients to Click the App

Only 8 percent of eligible employees used telemedicine at least once in 2017

Inaction and Silence Rule Over Daily Gun Violence

Unfortunately, the media is doing a poor job putting the gun control debate on a larger scale nationwide.

Facebook’s Murky Data-sharing Practices

Mark Zuckerberg’s latest attempt to explain Facebook’s data-sharing practices is notable for its omissions.

Who Blinks First Will Matter in Trump, Democrats’ Wall Fight

This is one of those perplexing snits that frustrates Americans and prompts them to blame both parties.

After Years of King’s Remarks, Why Now for the GOP Response?

Despite his seemingly endless string of racist comments and insults about immigrants, why now?

Trump’s Reluctant Backers Sour on his Leadership, Policies

Reservations about his personality and his policies reveal warning signs for Republicans.

For Trump, the Economy is a Potential 2020 Storm Cloud

The greatest threat to President Donald Trump’s re-election bid may an economic slowdown.

Ruling to Strike Down Health Law Puts GOP in a Quandary

Ruling that the Obama health law is unconstitutional has landed like a stink bomb among Republican.

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