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Amid new virus surge, Florida skeptics reconsider vaccine

The spike in infections could be pushing more people to get shots.

Census data sets up redistricting fight over growing suburbs

The biggest gains came in states where Republicans will control the redistricting process.

Some praise, some doubts as Facebook rolls out a prayer tool

Facebook already asks for your thoughts. Now it wants your prayers.

Explaining how Florida is struggling to get aid to tenants

Landlords successfully challenged the order in court, arguing they also had bills to pay.

Olympic Games, Tokyo-style: The pandemic era, in miniature

The coronavirus pandemic that interrupted the world is digging in its heels once again in Asia.

Listen up: Biden speaks volumes in a whisper to make a point

Biden’s whispering is just this veteran politician’s old-school way of trying to make a connection.

Study: Half of US cosmetics contain toxic chemicals

Some of the highest PFAS levels were found in waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipstick.

New company, same woes: Puerto Rico suffers power outages

Officials say outages have affected more than 1 million customers so far this month.

Ford’s big bet: Fans of F-150 pickup will embrace electric

Branded the Lightning, the pickup will be able to travel up to 300 miles per battery charge.

Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ imperils Republicans who don’t embrace it

Allegiance to a lie has become a test of loyalty to Donald Trump and a means of self-preservation for Republicans. Trump’s discredited allegations about a stolen election did...

‘Black America’s attorney general’ seems to be everywhere

The Florida-based attorney has become the voice for the families of Black people who died at the hands of police.

Floyd verdict gives hope, if only fleeting, to Black America

The conviction of ex-cop Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd inhales a sense of hope.

Biden takes a risk pulling troops from Afghanistan

Biden is taking a calculated risk that extremists in Afghanistan can be countered by U.S. and partner forces

For Chauvin’s trial attorney, it’s all about raising doubt

Courteney Ross does everything aimed at undermining a dominant narrative of Floyd’s death.

Data: Florida’s texting-while-driving law rarely enforced

The numbers also showed that police aren’t aggressively enforcing the anti-texting law.

Is a less Trumpy version of Trumpism, the future of the GOP?

Trump lost but populist ideas may continue to animate the Republican Party.

Republicans tested history in vote against pandemic relief

Now, just weeks into the Biden presidency, the GOP is gambling that history will repeat itself.

Super Bowl ads went for light humor. Not all succeeded

Advertisers that took a different approach were more likely to be remembered.

Analysis: Trump’s Senate trial matters regardless of outcome

The verdict and the process itself will be scrutinized for generations.

Game stop? Has the stock market shot too high?

Now, even the pros on Wall Street are asking if the stock market has shot too high.

Biden’s immigration plan may be risky for Democrats

President Joe Biden is confronting the political risk that comes with grand ambition.

‘Just move on’: Republicans grapple with post-Trump future

Republicans are adjusting to an era of diminished power, deep uncertainty, and internal feuding.

Trump’s exit: President leaves office with legacy of chaos

Trump departs the office twice impeached, millions more out of work, and 400,000 dead from the coronavirus.

No surprise: Trump left many clues he wouldn’t go quietly

Trump left plenty of clues he’d try to burn the place down on his way out the door.

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