Ocean Key Resort & Spa: Retreat to Florida’s Southernmost Point



If you are longing to enjoy Florida’s endless summer, point your GPS toward Key West, and take the scenic drive down Mile Marker 0. When you arrive at the southernmost point in the U.S., you will find Ocean Key Resort & Spa, which holds a different kind of allure from most resorts around, and is steps away from just everything in town.

If you’ve never visited the Florida Keys, you’ll soon see that this is a unique place. Writers, artists, photographers, fishermen, sailors, and dreamers gravitate to it and soon call it home, immersing themselves in the pleasures of Key West. And whether they stay there for a year or a lifetime, it’s no mystery why they surrender to the tantalizing ebb and flow of the island lifestyle.

Whether you travel there by land, by sky, or by sea, you will know why Key West—a 2- x 4-mile paradise—is known worldwide for its surrounding crystal clear turquoise waters and laid-back island living. And you can easily explore it starting from Ocean Key Resort & Spa.

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The Resort is charming, unique, and it can claim Zero Duval Street in lively Old Key West as its location. Overlooking the iconic Sunset Pier in Mallory Square with the Gulf of Mexico as its playground, this luxury boutique resort is one of the top places that harmonize amazing vistas with delectable victuals. No wonder it has become a go-to for honeymooners and island lovers looking for a place to stay, or perhaps a place to hold their weddings.

Come for the food, stay for the view!

Ocean Key Resort & Spa
View you get from the Hot Tin Roof restaurant

Warm tropical tones, rich graphic accents, and Spanish style wooden chairs give Ocean Key an old charm, first-class style elegance while dishes from Hot Tin Roof restaurant’s superstar chef Scott Maurer, create an exquisite taste in diners’ mouths.

Many resorts in the Florida Keys with party-hearty aspects can be found in locales with dramatic views, good rates, and staff that generally has a happy disposition, but often the food pales in comparison. That’s not the case at Hot Tin Roof, a Latin inspired world class restaurant that serves American, Cuban and other Spanish dishes to perfection. Maurer lived in Barcelona, Spain, where he learned the exotic Spanish cuisine that influenced his culinary career and earned him a spot in Madonna’s kitchen as her personal chef.

One of Maurer’s classic dishes is the Spanish Paella, an authentic Valencian rice dish with lobster, shrimp, chicken, chorizo (a type of pork sausage), mussels, and clams. For a taste of seaside Spain, Maurer serves this delicious concoction of arroz y mariscos (rice and seafood) on a hot skillet, hence its name: paella, a word which derives from the Old French word paelle for pan.

A scrumptious addition to your trip

While Key West is usually hot in the summer, the real delight is this cool resort and its panoramic view. From any given room, guests look out on boats and ships navigating the Gulf of Mexico and clusters of clay barrel rooftops stretching ahead at Sunset Key, a private island that beckons to be explored.

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You can hop between the ocean and the resort’s swimming pool, but be sure to take a luxurious break at SpaTerre.

Recognized as one of the top spas in Key West, SpaTerre is a haven for the body and the soul. Guests looking for full body massages and the ultimate experience in manicures and pedicures will be thrilled with this relaxing retreat.

The relaxing jasmine scent in the air, the exotic tropical oils, aromatic herbs and purifying volcanic clays from Java, Bali, Thailand being used, all work together to ensure your mind and body are invigorated in the experience.

Key West, an enchanting place

Key West is known as the “Winter White House” because of its appeal to visiting U.S. presidents in the past. The southernmost point in the US is also famous for watersports, lively nightlife, and historic sites. Duval Street is the epicenter of things to do and attractions to explore in Old Key West.

Ocean Key Resort & Spa is an enviable destination to make sure you enjoy the vibrant collection of bars, historic haunts, art galleries, funky shops, outdoor cafés, and restaurants like El Mesón de Pepe. This family owned Cuban restaurant is adjacent to Ocean Key and it’s bringing Cuban cuisine to the front steps of Mallory Square, one of the most visited plazas in the state of Florida. The Mallory Square Sunset Celebration attracts hundreds of people every night, two hours prior to sunset. There are street performers, vendors with food and crafts, art exhibitors, and the view is unparalleled.

From Cuban empanadas, Florida lobster, to Key Lime Pie, the Florida Keys’ official dessert, nightlife-driven souls, couples and families looking to visit a great American town anytime of the year with lots of history and fun, will be glad to find Ocean Key Resort & Spa at the end of their quest.

Before you make your travel plans to Key West, be sure to check Ocean Key’s vacation packages at oceankey.com.

At the southernmost point in the U.S., Ocean Key Resort & Spa will reward you with a weekend retreat full of beach, quality service, food and relaxation.

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