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What to know about Biden’s latest attempt at student loan cancellation

President Joe Biden is taking another shot at student loan cancellation, hoping to deliver on a key campaign promise that he has so far...

Trump declines to endorse a national abortion ban and says it should be left to the states

Former President Donald Trump said he believes abortion should be left to the states in a video released Monday morning outlining his position after months of mixed messages...

Winning Powerball jackpot ticket worth $1.3 billion sold in Portland, Oregon

A Powerball player in Oregon won a jackpot worth more than $1.3 billion on Sunday, ending a winless streak that had stretched more than...

AT&T says a data breach leaked millions of customers’ information online. Were you affected?

The theft of sensitive information belonging to millions of AT&T’s current and former customers has been recently discovered online, the telecommunications giant said this weekend. In a...

Sawfish are spinning, and dying, in Florida waters as rescue effort begins

Endangered smalltooth sawfish, marine creatures virtually unchanged for millions of years, are exhibiting erratic spinning behavior and dying in unusual numbers in Florida waters....

Texas wants to arrest immigrants in the country illegally. Why would that be such a major shift?

Immigration laws are federal laws -- not state laws -- and enforcement of immigration law is the domain of federal law enforcement. Homeland Security agents and...

Biden tells Latino voters they’re the reason he defeated Trump in 2020 and says, ‘I need you back’

President Joe Biden on Tuesday personally appealed to Latino voters, saying they’re the reason he defeated Donald Trump in 2020 and urging them to help him do...

Biden and Trump notch more wins Tuesday as primary voters urge them to keep up the fight

As Joe Biden and Donald Trump moved closer to a November rematch, primary voters around the country on Tuesday urged their favored candidate to...

Trader Joe’s $3 mini totes went viral on TikTok. Now, they’re reselling for hundreds

The bags, retailing for $2.99, are now advertised on platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace for many times their original price.

Things to know about developments impacting LGBTQ+ rights across the US

A legal settlement in Florida, legislative action in Arkansas and a lawsuit in Georgia this week made waves in an ongoing national battle over the rights of LGBTQ+ Americans.

Biden and Trump clinch nominations, setting the stage for a grueling general election rematch

Not even halfway through the presidential primary calendar, Tuesday marked a crystalizing moment for a nation uneasy with its choices in 2024.

What to know about the SAVE plan, the income-driven plan to repay student loans

President Joe Biden recently announced that he was canceling federal student loans for nearly 153,000 borrowers enrolled in the plan, known as the SAVE plan.

Biden uses feisty State of the Union to contrast with Trump, sell voters on a second term

For 68 minutes in the House chamber, Biden goaded Republicans over their policies on immigration, taxes and more, invited call-and-response banter with fellow Democrats and seemed to relish the fight.

Former career US diplomat admits secretly spying for Cuban intelligence for decades

Manuel Rocha, 73, told a federal judge he would admit to federal counts of conspiring to act as an agent of a foreign government.

The Supreme Court will decide whether Trump is immune from federal prosecution. Here’s what’s next

The action injects immediate uncertainty into the legal and political calendar over the next several months.

Private lander makes first US moon landing in more than 50 years

A private lander on Thursday made the first U.S. touchdown on the moon in more than 50 years.

Alabama’s frozen embryo ruling is having its first effects. Here’s what to know

The decision could potentially leave clinics vulnerable to lawsuits and restrict access to treatment.

Robots and happy workers: Productivity surge helps explain US economy’s surprising resilience

Trying to keep up with customer demand, Batesville Tool & Die began seeking 70 people to hire last year. It wasn’t easy. Attracting factory...

U.S. casinos won $66.5B in 2023, their best year ever as gamblers showed no economic fear

The American Gaming Association said that total was 10% higher than in 2022, which itself was a record-setting year.

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