Joke of the Day

Trump Administration is Lawyering Up: “Oh boy, this is weird”

As the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference progresses is Trump and his administration staff is hiring criminal lawyers to respond to requests.

Covfefe: Into the ‘Midnight Tweeting’ Oil

President Donald Trump posted a tweet with a typo - Covfefe - and immediately went viral. Here's a list of the most viral #Covfefe moments in Twitter now.

A Closer Look: Trump’s Optics in the Past Hours Have Been Disastrous

Watch a recent episode of Seth Meyers' a Closer Look where he reflects about how Trump's optics in the past hours have been disastrous due to Comey's firing.

Hasan Minhaj: Who tweets at 3am sober?

‘Daily Show’ comedian correspondent Hasan Minhaj hosted the WHCD which was not attended by President Donald Trump.

Trump Confronts Canada: A Closer Look with Seth Meyers

Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump is handling a potential conflict in North Korea and a trade standoff with Canada.

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