Joke of the Day

A Closer Look: “You Are the Reason My Daddy Drinks”

At a Halloween event for the press corp, Trump told kid Trick-Or-Treaters many things. 'A Closer Look' segment in the Late Night with Seth Meyers had the best description: "You Are the Reason My Daddy Drinks"

Trump Waffles on DACA but Paul Ryan Flips So Much he Should Be at SeaWorld

Congress and Senate ambivalence somehow makes look worse what comes out of this administration's agenda.

Solution for America: “Let’s Make Donald Trump King”

Get a good laugh at Jimmy Kimmel's plan to save American from a Trump presidency but ultimately, reflect upon what's wrong with politics in America.

Nephew-Nazi: the Proof that Trump Didn’t Mean his Makeup Statement

A Closer Look with Seth Meyers served to reflect on the Nephew-Nazi typo in the White House statement on #Charlottesville and Trump's silence for two days.

Team Trump’s Absurd Defenses for Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails

Watch the latest episode of a Closer Look by Seth Meyers, laugh and reflect on the recent team Trump's absurd defenses for Donald Trump Jr.'s emails.

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