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Joke of the Day

Trump’s Solution: “Steel Slat Barrier” with Spikes on the Top

A "Steel Slat Barrier” with spikes on the top was Trump's idea to accept instead of his wall and Twitterzens responded.

Trump Spoof Book: “Whose Boat Is This Boat”?

For Stephen Colbert the best-selling spoof “Whose Boat Is This Boat?” essentially wrote itself.

G-20.In: Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Spectacular Typo Fail

A clever user took advantage of the random URL Giuliani accidentally generated.

“Drain the Swamp” Becoming a Joke of Dudes with Awkward Thumbs Up

President Trump and most people around him are draining this phrase out of its meaning day by day.

In Trump’s America, Lie your Way out of Trouble

Trump said he accepts, with caveats, the American conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Sincere excuse? Accepted apology?

The Exposed Web of Lies of the Trump Administration

Giuliani’s aggressive defense of the president in recent weeks has pleased Trump but exasperated White House aides and attorneys and left even supporters questioning his tactics.

The Entire World is Laughing at America; Says Donald Trump

This segment of a Closer Look with Seth Meyers sheds some light on the current problems this administration is facing that other democracies are looking at and comparing.

A Brazen Heist of the Country with the Approval of the Entire GOP

Seth takes a closer look at the Republicans' sweeping overhaul of the tax code that will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Addressed Sexual Misconduct, Hypocrisy, and Double Standards

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, including Senator Al Franken being accused of sexual misconduct.

A Closer Look: “You Are the Reason My Daddy Drinks”

At a Halloween event for the press corp, Trump told kid Trick-Or-Treaters many things. 'A Closer Look' segment in the Late Night with Seth Meyers had the best description: "You Are the Reason My Daddy Drinks"

Trump Waffles on DACA but Paul Ryan Flips So Much he Should Be at SeaWorld

Congress and Senate ambivalence somehow makes look worse what comes out of this administration's agenda.

Solution for America: “Let’s Make Donald Trump King”

Get a good laugh at Jimmy Kimmel's plan to save American from a Trump presidency but ultimately, reflect upon what's wrong with politics in America.

Nephew-Nazi: the Proof that Trump Didn’t Mean his Makeup Statement

A Closer Look with Seth Meyers served to reflect on the Nephew-Nazi typo in the White House statement on #Charlottesville and Trump's silence for two days.

Team Trump’s Absurd Defenses for Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails

Watch the latest episode of a Closer Look by Seth Meyers, laugh and reflect on the recent team Trump's absurd defenses for Donald Trump Jr.'s emails.

Trump Administration is Lawyering Up: “Oh boy, this is weird”

As the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference progresses is Trump and his administration staff is hiring criminal lawyers to respond to requests.

Covfefe: Into the ‘Midnight Tweeting’ Oil

President Donald Trump posted a tweet with a typo - Covfefe - and immediately went viral. Here's a list of the most viral #Covfefe moments in Twitter now.

A Closer Look: Trump’s Optics in the Past Hours Have Been Disastrous

Watch a recent episode of Seth Meyers' a Closer Look where he reflects about how Trump's optics in the past hours have been disastrous due to Comey's firing.

Hasan Minhaj: Who tweets at 3am sober?

‘Daily Show’ comedian correspondent Hasan Minhaj hosted the WHCD which was not attended by President Donald Trump.

Trump Confronts Canada: A Closer Look with Seth Meyers

Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump is handling a potential conflict in North Korea and a trade standoff with Canada.

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