Joe Namath’s Life after Football: Restaurants, Books, and Grandkids

From Beaver Falls Joe (his mother called him that) to Broadway Joe and now Jupiter Joe, Namath basks in the life he has carved out for himself, realizing a trajectory that few if any in the sports or entertainment world have taken.

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Joe Namath, football superstar, actor, TV show host, restauranteur, author, philanthropist, pulls up in a gold Cadillac SUV with a Save the Seas shark license plate, and strides into the Jupiter Beach Resort. He’s wearing a smile, a greeting for everyone there he knows by name, and his Super Bowl ring.

You can’t really miss the ring – it’s gold and huge with lettering and big sparkly diamonds. On the 50th Anniversary of his team the New York Jets winning the 1969 Super Bowl against the Colts after a brash statement “guaranteeing it” – and the 100th Anniversary of the NFL, he has a lot of thoughts on football today.

“My 50 anniversary of the Super Bowl win? That’s a big scary number!” he says, sitting in the resorts lounge, sipping coffee (with milk, no sugar).

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Joe Namath’s Life after Football: Restaurants, Books, Grandkids

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