Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle Has Put America on Alert

Jimmy has inserted himself in the middle of a battle over American health care. He said he doesn’t have to worry so much how he is going to pay for his son’s health care expenses because he’s got money. But would it have been healthy for his conscience not to use his resources to bring attention to the Health Care legislation the GOP Senate is trying to pass?

Absolutely not.

The recent rounds of Kimmel’s national television rants against the latest GOP’s attempt to repeal and replace The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has put America on the defensive front once again, and has stepped up the pressure on the GOP Senators who, with a single vote, might alter the health care stability of millions of Americans.


Once again, the GOP seems destined to fail on a campaign promise that every Republican agreed on, and their last-ditch effort to repeal and replace “Obamacare” is in peril since Sen. John McCain declared his opposition on Friday.

McCain, who is battling brain cancer in the twilight of a remarkable career, said he could not “in good conscience” vote for the legislation.

Sen. John McCain has a very good health insurance plan and he got immediate access to health care for his cancer operation and treatment. Like any other patient, at some point after his operation in July 20, McCain must have received the invoice for the cost of his operation and ongoing treatment; what his insurance will cover, and what he needs to pay out of his pocket.

We are talking out of what will be a common step in our ordinary world.

The 80-year old Senate veteran was diagnosed with a primary glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor. The glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive tumor that forms in the tissue of the brain and spinal cord. The senator underwent surgery and the procedure, a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision, went well and post-surgical brain scans showed the tissue causing concern had been completely removed.

Now Sen. John McCain is back in the senate. McCain is recovering amazingly well and has had no neurological problems before or after the operation.

How much did McCain’s operation cost? How much is his ongoing treatment costing?

According to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix in this data link, the average charge in 2014 to Medicare for a craniotomy was $76,119, while average Medicare payments ranged from $25,932 to $33,958. That means if Senator McCain happened to be one of his uninsured or under-insured constituents, and not a Senator with his healthcare subsidized by American taxpayers, he might have had to pay around $76,000 for his surgery.

If you compare that figure with the average annual household income in America, you will arrive to the conclusion that he wouldn’t even had been welcomed at the Mayo Clinic.

McCain would have been long gone by now.

And so people still question why Sen. John McCain gave the thumbs down on July 28, killing the GOP bill to repeal and replace the ACA, and also dealt a death blow to the Republican Party’s years of promises to get rid of Barack Obama’s health law.

What made McCain vote against his party on that day, and recently against his friends GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy, was his conscience.

What has ticked off late night show host Jimmy Kimmel to rage for three days in a row on Fox national television is his conscience.

Even though most people haven’t celebrated Rand Paul of Kentucky as a hero, he also is a no vote, and we assume it was his conscience and not a simple stance against a bully or a “GOP-must-pass-something” need.

The conscience of each American should hover over the idea that everyone has the right to affordable health care. Rich people are the least entitled to dictate what affordable is for a normal American, but most of them are the rulers of this country.

The least they can do is listen to the American voice on social media, those who are calling their Congress representatives phone lines, those who are marching along the nation’s streets, those non-profit organizations that have been saving lives for ages, and those people like Jimmy Kimmel who has money for a good health insurance or Sen. John McCain, whose healthcare is subsidized by American taxpayers, but whose conscience make them speak up against a bill that won’t work.

Stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act only because it has Obama’s name on it.

Simply, appreciate what works for people and find out what doesn’t work. Don’t trade or play politics with people’s life anymore.


No one knew how the Graham-Cassidy Bill will work, how American lives would be affected. But Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle Has Put America on Alert.