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From abortion to guns, what’s on DeSantis’ agenda?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has cemented himself as a conservative standard-bearer.

DeSantis launches GOP presidential campaign in Twitter announcement

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launched his 2024 presidential campaign.

Restrictions on transgender people that are moving forward in US statehouses

The restrictions are spreading quickly despite criticism.

Abortion bans raise fears inside GOP about backlash in 2024

The Republican Party is struggling to navigate the politics of abortion.

Biden ends COVID national emergency after Congress acts

The public health emergency is set to expire on May 11.

Texas, Florida push border laws as governors eye presidency

Texas and Florida are debating especially strict legislation on border security.

Trump vs. DeSantis: Rivals’ very different styles on display

The hard-charging governor has emerged as a potent force in national politics.

DeSantis argues US should be like Florida ahead of 2024 bid

Gov. Ron DeSantis positioned himself as the architect of a new conservative vision.

Miami faith community strains to help new exiles, migrants

The influx is maxing out the migrant social safety net even in Miami’s faith communities.

In Selma, Biden says right to vote remains under assault

The visit to Selma was a chance for Biden to speak directly to the current generation of civil rights activists.

Manafort, US government settle civil case for $3.15 million

The government sought an order for Manafort to pay fines, penalties and interest.

Latino Republicans now push back on party’s immigration agenda

Republicans in aim to launch an aggressive immigration policy.

DeSantis moves toward GOP presidential bid on his own terms

DeSantis is a frequent voice in conservative cultural fights on cable television.

Millions who rely on Medicaid may be booted from program

Roughly 84 million people are covered by the government-sponsored program.

Social Security and Medicare: Troubling math, tough politics

It’s a math problem that requires a political solution.

Nikki Haley announces run for president, challenging Trump

The announcement marks an about-face for the ex-Trump Cabinet official.

In Florida, Biden vows no cuts to Social Security

Biden is trying to lay the groundwork for an expected reelection campaign announcement.

Biden speech takeaways: More conciliation than conflict

Biden made calls for unity and tried to emphasize conciliation over conflict.

Conservative groups look beyond Trump for 2024 GOP nominee

The latest sign that for the GOP is time to move on from the former president.

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