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Abortion anecdote from DeSantis at GOP debate is more complex than he made it sound

In 2020, less than 1% of abortions in the U.S. were performed at or after 21 weeks of pregnancy, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Conservatives are on a mission to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump’s vision

The far-reaching effort is essentially a government-in-waiting for the former president’s second term — or any candidate who aligns with their ideals and can defeat President Joe Biden in 2024.

How Ron DeSantis used Florida schools to become a culture warrior

Policy and education experts say DeSantis’ agenda on education has influenced what it means to be a viable Republican candidate.

Witness in Trump documents case changed lawyers and then his testimony, prosecutors say

A witness in the criminal case against Donald Trump over the hoarding of classified documents retracted “prior false testimony” after switching lawyers last month and provided...

Where do the 2024 presidential candidates stand on abortion? Take a look

A look at how the issue of abortion is playing out among Republican and Democratic candidates.

Trump enjoys strong support among Republicans. The general election could be a different story

Nearly two-thirds of Republicans — 63% — now say they want the former president to run again but Trump faces glaring vulnerabilities heading into a general election.

Trump’s Iowa state fair spectacle clouds DeSantis as former president is joined by Florida officials

Donald Trump on Saturday renewed his reputation for defying norms and creating a mega-celebrity’s spectacle.

DeSantis replaces his campaign manager as he continues a reset of his 2024 presidential bid

The Florida governor is bringing on James Uthmeier, his chief of staff from his state office.

DeSantis finally acknowledges the truth about Trump’s 2020 election lies

“Of course, he lost,” DeSantis said an interview with NBC News.

It’s Kamala Harris vs. Ron DeSantis in the fight over Florida’s new teachings on slavery

Her newfound aggressive posture is a natural one, Harris allies say, considering her background as a prosecutor who thrives on zeroing in on an opponent and hammering their faults.

DeSantis is defending new slavery teachings. Civil rights leaders see a pattern of ‘policy violence’

The divisive debate highlights the political and practical risks of DeSantis’ approach to racial issues.

Federal judge strikes down Florida’s ban on Medicaid funding for transgender treatment

“Gender identity is real” and the state has admitted it, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle wrote in a 54-page ruling.

DeSantis ratchets up feud with Newsom and dares governor to take on Biden

DeSantis’ jab comes as he shies away from confrontation with former President Donald Trump.

Catholic bishops’ president calls for better border management, continued care for immigrants

Archbishop Timothy Broglio voiced skepticism about the trend of some governors shipping migrants elsewhere.

DeSantis argues he’s top Trump alternative even as ex-president’s indictment overshadows 2024 race

DeSantis says his record has put him at the cutting edge of the next generation of Republicans.

DeSantis woos GOP Christian voters but stays tight-lipped on his own Catholic faith

For now, the DeSantis team appears to be focusing their faith outreach on white evangelicals.

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