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Trump appears at federal court in Florida for closed hearing in his classified documents case

Seeking to turn legal problems into political gain, former President Donald Trump arrived Monday to a crowd of supporters at a federal courthouse in Florida for...

‘We’ve lost both engines,’ pilot said before private jet crashed onto Florida interstate, killing 2

The pilot had calmly told an airport controller that the aircraft “was not going to make the runway” because it had lost both engines.

A SWAT team sniper in Florida killed a bank hostage-taker armed with a knife, sheriff says

A deputy shot and killed a man Tuesday after he took people hostage and claimed to have a bomb at a Florida bank, authorities said.

Dial it up to Category 6? As warming stokes storms, some want a bigger hurricane category

The study’s authors said that open-ended grouping doesn’t warn people enough about the higher dangers from monstrous storms that flirt with 200 mph (322 kph) or higher.

US homelessness up 12% to highest reported level as rents soar and coronavirus pandemic aid lapses

About 653,000 people were homeless, the most since the country began using the yearly point-in-time survey in 2007.

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