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Florida fishing village Horseshoe Beach hopes to maintain its charm after being walloped by Idalia

The damage left behind in the fishing village of Horseshoe Beach is exposing a gulf between haves and have-nots.

DeSantis’ redistricting map in Florida is unconstitutional and must be redrawn, judge says

Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh sent the plan back to the Florida Legislature.

Biden tells Idalia’s Florida victims ‘your nation has your back.’ DeSantis rejects meeting with him

President Joe Biden pledged the federal government’s total support for Floridians.

Hurricane, shooting test DeSantis leadership as he trades the campaign trail for crisis management

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is facing a one-two punch testing his leadership at a critical moment for his presidential campaign.

Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida’s Big Bend, the ‘Nature Coast’ far from tourist areas

The Big Bend is where the peninsula merges into the Panhandle, just southeast of the capital, Tallahassee, and well north of the Tampa metro area.

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